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Wrath of the Wolf Page 8

Meanwhile, the 6 fugitives were still on the run. Boltia was in front of them thinking of what help to get. They couldn’t call upon Leviathan’s wrath because Shin wasn’t with them. Nor can they fight back, because Lati and the others were stronger than them, even with Deus’s NeoDammerus form. They could not get assistants from Neo Monster Island, since they can’t get there by boat, Elvis’s motorcycle, or by plane. Quintana wasn’t with them since he left a long time ago, so did F29. What or who else could help them fight back?
After minutes of running away, they came to a stop by a tree to rest in the shade. Each one of them was thinking of what just happened, PPN being taken over by LatiDog, and no one else to think of to get help. After a breathier, CharizardMaster had an idea.
“Hey guys, I know who we can get help from!” he said to everyone in the shade.
“Who?” they asked.
“We can ask LukeAtmey for help.”
Everyone thought it was a great idea. LukeAtmey was first a bad guy to our heroes, but then decided to join the good guys when his lust was taken by Shin’s soul in 2008. Plus, Luke is a smart man, he would know what to do in this type of situation. During the holiday season, Luke went to his family’s home in London, Great Britain. And he still is until March 21st.
“Great idea, CharizardMaster!” said Kan.
“So all we have to do is get to London.” said Pixelwizz. “This shouldn’t be a problem at all”.
“I can help you get to London.” said a mysterious voice. The fugitives looked around and saw that it was Birdo_Eee. Birdo_Eee stood in the sunlight with a face that tells the 6 that they can trust him.
“Okay.” Kan said trying to gain his trust. CharizardMaster on the other hand had a feeling of distrust.
“Wait a second!”C-Master proclaimed. “Just how can we trust this guy? What if he’s working of Lati and bent on capturing us?” he asked trying to get the others to agree with him.
“Well my friend, I am a member of Lati’s Pad, and I sing along with her. But I would never join her in such hostiles.” B_Eee said. CharizardMaster was now receiving the feeling of trust and understanding. Birdo_Eee then said “There’s a rest stop on the road just a few miles from here. We should start moving now before sunset.”. The others insisted on the idea, and they followed him.
Meanwhile back at PPN, Lati was prepared for her new set of laws on the website. The users stood before her with faces of resentment. In front of Lati were Amber and SecretBySecret, for protect incase of assassination. Lati then read from her sheet of laws “From this day forward, all pictures that wish to be uploaded will be reviewed under my approval!”. The users founded it Okay since that law was already in effect since PPNSteve’s and Shin’s reign. “But, any picture that has to do with Flannery, any picture made on MS paint, and/or anything n00bish to me will not be uploaded!”. That was when the crowd realized that anything n00bish to Lati is what a great majority of them like. And then they started to disagree with shouts.
“Order, order!” protested Lati’s guards. Lati then continued on her new laws.
“Now about the comments. Anyone who posts a comment that has nothing to do with the artwork or picture will have their comment deleted.”
Then the audience had a thought, Lati and her friends chat on pictures that don’t associate with the pic at all.
“Wait a minute!” expressed Dr. Mario. “You chat on pics too, so why not us?!”
Then suddenly two guards grabbed Dr. Mario by the arms and dragged him to the dungeon. Dr. Mario yelled “What the hell are you doing, I have the freedom of speech you unconstitutional bastards!”. But the guards still dragged him.
The crowd then went into an uproar by the unconstitutional act. The guards then came into the scene to calm down the crowd. Lati founded this entertaining while, sitting next to her, Shin founded it as an outrage. Shin still bared the ring around his head that prevented him from using his powers. He hoped that one day the ring will come off and he’ll overthrow Lati. But he’s going to have to wait.

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