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Wrath of the Wolf page 9

The next day, the six refugees and Birdo_Eee have reached a freeway.
“This is it, the freeway that leads to an airport.” B_Eee says. The ascending road displayed numerous cars moving at fast speed.
“Only one problem” stated Kan. “Which direction is to the airport?” that question gave some confusion. They searched for a sign that said where the airport would be. Then Pixelwizz spotted it, the airport was west from where they were at.
“Okay, we just have to follow the road west then we be at the airport in a few hours.” Said Deus.
“Or can we get there by car?” asked Flannery. Everyone started to agree.
“I’m afraid that can’t happen.” said a murky voice. Everyone startled and turned to see that it was Krokodyle-Man. “By the order of Webmaster, LatiDog, you six are under arrest. Thanks for the help, B_Eee.”
“No, I am not helping you or Lati.” Said Birdo_Eee. “These guys didn’t do anything to deserved this.”. Krokodyle-Man now founded B_Eee to be guilty of treason.
“You have the nuts to defy your webmaster, or her bounty hunter. So you’ll be under arrest too.” Said the crocodile. Meanwhile, Boltia spotted a pulled over car that they can use. Out of the blue, he took out a little mirror and shines the light to Krokodyle-Man’s eyes, blinding him.
“Quick, follow me to that car!” Boltia yelled getting the others to follow him. Birdo_Eee stood behind.
“Hey Birdo, aren’t you coming?” asked CharizardMaster.
“No, I’ll buy you some time. Good luck.” Replied B_Eee.
“C’mon, let’s go.” Said Kan. Then the six made a break for it to the car. Deux observed the car.
“This is Rush Limbaugh’s car.” Deux said.
“So what. Were trying to elude someone, not drive him to soccer practice,” Said Kan.
“Quick get it!” exclaimed Boltia opening the driver’s door and jumping into the seat. Everyone get into the car and shut the doors quickly. Boltia was having issues trying to start it.
“Oh just let me do it!” Flannery said climbing into the driver’s seat hijacking the car wires to activate the engine. Miraculously, the car was on and Flannery floored the gas pedal sending the automobile at a great speed. Meanwhile, Rush Limbaugh was walking up to where his car was and saw that it was gone.
“SON OF A B***CH!” yelled the political commentator.
In the stolen car, the people in the back saw that Krokodyle-man was not in sight.
“I think he’s gone,” said Deux. Everyone gave a sigh of relief. Then they heard something land on top of the car, it was the croc.
“I got you now!” said Krokodyle-man. Then the car began to twist and turn out of control because the driver, Flannery, was getting stressed out. This caused the croc to lose his grip on the roof of the car. Then Krokodyle-man finally let go and landed onto the freeway regaining his balance. He knew he had a job to do, so he began to sprint after the fugitives. Pixelwizz looked into a car mirror saying “OBJECTS IN MIRROR ARE CLOSER THAN THEY APPEAR” and eyepoppingly saw Krokodyle-man sprinter to them opening his jaws. The little wizard then put the window down and formed a pixilated boxing glove.
“Ha, don’t make me laugh!” said the croc sprinting after the car. Pixelwizz levitated the glove and punched Krokodyle-man in the eye as a boxer would. The croc then lost balance and was looking much small as the fugitives drove away.
“It looks like we lost him for sure,” said Deux. But he was wrong. The croc was jumping over cars to catch them. Deus looked forward and saw something that can help. And in surprise he saw a road sign above the freeway meters head.
“Flannery, keep driving!” Deux instructed climbing to the roof the car. The croc was getting closer. “Ha ha, you can’t catch us!” said Deux taunting Krokodyle-man.
Krokodyle-Man replied “Oh don’t bet on it you little…” but was cut off when he jumped right into the street sign Deux wanted him to hit.
“U FALED!!!” Flannery yelled with one hand on the wheel and giving Krokodyle-man the middle finger with the other.
. . .
Finally they reached the airport, with the plane that was about to take off. They didn’t have tickets, so they had to sneak into the cargo hold. The group hid behind a pile of boxes waiting for the right moment to sneak. Now was their chance.
“Quick, let’s go,” CharizardMaster said. Then the six went onto the ramp and into the cargo hold.
“Perfect, now it’s just smooth flying to Great Britain,” Boltia said stretching his arms to rest. After a few minutes the plane began to take off. But Krokodyle-man was hanging on to the planes front leg as it was going into the plane and taking off. When the bottom the door closed, the croc took out a communicator to contact Lati.
“Webmaster, I am on hold with the fugitives on a plane going somewhere. But it appears to be going east,” said the croc.
“Good, and once you got them, bring them to me,” replied Lati sitting in her office. Then Shin walked in holding a tray of tea.
“Here’s your tea, your highness,” Goji said sarcastically looking away from her. Lati said nothing and took the cut and sipped the tea.

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