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Wrath of the Wolf page 11

Meanwhile, the six fugitives have landed in London, Great Britain.
“Now all we have to do is to find Luke,” said Kansaibou. They others agree and they set out to the city. Behind them not to far was Krokodyle-man trying to pick up their scent. Then his communicator gave its ringtone. The croc answered it.
“Yes, Webmaster,” said the croc.
“Krokodyle-man, we have a problem,” replied Lati.
“What is it?”
“The n00bs that were here are gone now,”
“And why is that a concern?”
“Because who knows what they can be doing?”
“Maybe they left because they wanted to move on to better sites,”
“Maybe, but there’s got to be another reason,”
Krokodyle-man soon got that off his mind and focused on his mission, “Any whom, I’ve seemed to arrive in London, Great Britain,”
“Great Britain? Why would those six n00bs go there?”
“I don’t know, but I’ll still stick to my mission,”
“Good, see ya,” then Lati turned off her communicator.
Later, the groups of fugitives led by Kan are still on the search for the Atmey house. Kan held out a postcard that Luke sent them during the holidays.
“His house has got to be a few blocks down,” Kan said reading address and looking at the house numbers. Then appeared a house that had the same number as the one in the address, 142.
“Here it is!” pointed CharizardMaster.
“Finally we made it,” said Flannery hugging him. Kan walked up to the door and gave it a few knocks. A few moments later, the door open showing their o’ pal.
“Zvarri! My very good friends coming to see me I see,” the good man rhymed. “Please, don’t come in, zvarri!”
The six walked into the house and made their selves at home. Inside, the house smelled like ginger and gave a jolly feeling.
“Please, do sit down around the fire and I’ll make some tea, zvarri!” Luke insisted in the kitchen. The group agreed and sat down on a long sofa. LukeAtmey came out carrying shining tray with 7 glasses of green tea. He landed the tray on the coffee table and sat down in his own arm chair.
“So do tell me, what brings you here? Zvarri!” Luke asked leaned forward with his hand on his chin.
“What didn’t have any other option,” said Pixelwizz.
“Do you know LatiDog that used to go to PPN?” asked Deux.
“Zvarri! LatiDog?” Luke wondered. “Hmmm, isn’t she the whining mutt that gave that , out of nowhere, comment about those pictures of Miss Flannery Blaze here?”
“Oh yes, that’s her,” Flannery answered.
“That’s why we came here, Lati has taken over PPN,” added CharizardMaster. This made Luke spit out the tea in his mouth and coughed.
“Zvarri! Pokemon Palace Network taken over by a dog!” the ace detective said. “That is very farfetched!”
“Yes, it does sound unbelievable, but it’s true,” said Boltia. “Shin wasn’t able to defeat her, even in his Vengeance State!”
“So we came and we need your help,” said Deux.
“Zvarri! Very well then, I’ll assist you in your little rebellion,” Luke said. Then there were loud knocks on the door. Pixelwizz walked to the window and saw that it was Krokodyle-man.
“Uh-oh! It’s the croc from the freeway!” the pixilated wizard said in fright. This made the other fugitives jump and afraid.

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