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Wrath of the Wolf page 13

At dawn’s early light, Shin-Goji and the other escapees, awake from their sleep on the soft, green grass. The Nerd looked at his watch on his wrist to observe the digital numbers as: seven, twenty-two AM.
“C’mon,” Shin said to everyone stretching. “Serebii.net can’t be far from here now,”. The sun was rising to their left sides, which meant that the sun was to be behind them and turn east.
Then after a half hour of walking, they’ve made it to the Serebii castle. This made Shin give a laugh of excitement.
“We made it!” shouted the little kaiju. Then everyone joined the thrill. The group ran for the door of the castle and Shin made a stop, in front of the castle’s draw bridge of a door. Next to the door was voice box with a button. Goji reached to press it and succeeded. Then a voice came out of the box.
“Hello and welcome to Serebii.net, where Legends come to life,” said the box.
“It is I, Shin Goji, dethroned for now, Webmaster of Pokemon Palace Network. Or titled as, Pokemon Palace Network Studio, for some reason. Defender of PPN when it was under attack by AnimeExpansions. And the one who claimed the title of ‘Webmaster’ when PPNSteve resigned! ”.
After a few seconds, the box said “Pull the other one!”
“I’m sorry, but PPNSteve is not here. Any whom, we have ridden the length and breadth of the land in search of Fighter29. We must speak with him,”
“What? Your party,”
“What about it?”
“All I see with you is four pokemon, an angry nerd, a baby, some other dude, a doctor and small others,”
Now Shin was losing his patience, “For the love of whatever, JUST LET US IN!!!”
“Okay then,” said the box frightened. Then the draw bridge lowered to let the escapees enter. The castle hall revealed it’s majesty of green and black decorations, and eight halls containing shelves of knowledge, everyone gave awe to the castle hall.
“Okay, enough awing and more finding F29,” Shin said getting the others straight.
“Say, are you looking for F29?” asked someone else from their left. The group looked and saw a shiny Celebi wearing glasses. It also was carrying a few articles for a hall.
“Yes, do you know where he is?” asked Shin.
“Sure, he’s on the practice field with some friends. Come, I’ll show you,” the pink pokemon said showing them a path.
There was a field on the right side of the main castle. On it was a group of users practicing their techniques. But there was a girl with blonde hair on the side lines watching a young man, with dark hair and dark clothing, practicing with another user named, Raichu2626.
“Your move,” said the young man, and then the raichu then charged at him with a Volt Tackle. The young man held his palms together and said “Contego!” and his hands forged an energy shield. It blocked the Volt Tackle and caused an explosion of black smoke, and when it cleared, the boy was still standing as the raichu was.
“Wow, nice job, son,” said the raichu.
“Thank you,” said the young man. The girl with blonde hair on the sides gave applause. Then the pink Celebi appeared followed by Shin-Goji and the group of escapees.
“Here you are, the practice field,” said the pokemon. The young man in black looked at the group was now filled with happiness.
“Hey kid, do you know F29?” Shin asked the boy.
“Why sure I do,” he replied.
“You do?”
“Yeah, he’s me,” the boy said pointing to himself. Shin gave a look of happiness and hugged the boy.
“I really missed you, friend,” Shin said in his arms, and let go.
“I missed you too,” F29 said back, he looked up and saw the rest of the escapees who were also happy to see him. But looked suspicious at the ring on Goji’s head “How come you have that ring on your head?” he asked.
“Oh yes, this,” Shin answered pointing to the ring. “This thing prevents me from transforming, which really sucks,” .
“Why would you put that on?”
“I didn’t, Amber put it on me,”
“Never mind, can you just get this thing off?”
“Sure I can,” ended F29. He put his hand on the ring and said, “Orbis, eximo!” and the ring loosened and dropped to the ground before Shin’s feet. Goji now felt free, and cheered in glee.
“Thank you so much!” Shin said hugging him again, but harder.
“No problem,” F29 said being constructed in Shin’s arms “Uh, you’re crushing me,”

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