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GoldenFlame Shipping page 4

Meanwhile with the others witnessing Pokemon Spaghetti Version. On the screen, FireRed walked up to a counter with a toaster.
“Here’s the problem, too many toasters,” FR said. “You know what they say. ‘All toasters, toast toast’”. Everyone watching looked puzzled.
“That makes no freaking sense!” Kansaibou ranted. Shin then rushed in front of the TV. As he did, the group cheered for something far less mind boggling.
“Hey guys, guess what?” Shin introduced. Boltia turned the TV off.
“What is it?” CharizardMaster asked.
“Zvarri! Yes, do tell us!” LukeAtmey added.
“I just figured out who Lynx is!” Shin stated.
“Oh, that boy again?” CharizardMaster added. “What’s the big mystery? He’s an average teen boy with robots for friends.”
“I heard that!!!!” hollered Toa Matau from the castle hall.
“Now now,” said Kan. “We don’t know him more than Shin does. Please continue, Webmaster.”
“He’s F29 in the flesh!” Goji stated.
“So let me get this straight,” CharizardMaster said. “You’re claiming that F29 is Lynx, because you think F29 would inject growth hormones into his body?!”
“What?! No!! I didn’t say anything about growth hormones!!” then Shin calmed down. “I think Lynx is F29 because of his ki.”
“His ki?” questioned Boltia.
“I bet if you stand two meters from Lynx, you can sense that his ki is just like F29’s.”
“Okay, we can do that,” said Kan. “So where is he now?”
“The last time I saw him he was outside, so I’ll go get him.”
Shin walked outside the castle, but Lynx was not there. He looked around, yet there was no sight of him.
“Lynx where are you?!” Goji hollered. He looked around again but the boy was gone. Shin looked disappointed.
“He had to go home,” said Toa Vakama behind him.
“Oh of course. Will he be back tomorrow?”
“I’m sure he will, my little friend. I’m sure he will.”
Goji had a moment thought and asked “Do you know where he lives?”
“He lives ten miles from here, to the east.” Vakama pointed opposite from the sun.
“Okay, thanks.” Goji said. And he traveled eastward.
. . .
In the late afternoon, Shin Goji found himself in a small suburb of apartments.
“Alright, tens miles to the east, it must be here,” Goji said looking at a map. He then started to feel someone’s ki coming towards him, but it wasn’t Lynx’s. Shin felt that it was Flannery’s. “Why is she here?”
Goji hid behind a car and watched her walk up to an apartment. She was welcomed by Lynx, and they embraced each other and kissed. Goji’s eyes widened. Flannery and Lynx were more than just good friends; they were a couple. The lizard crept closer to hopefully hear.
“Come on in,” said Lynx. The two entered into the house and the door shut behind them. Goji had no concern of being caught, so he crept to the apartment window and looked inside. Lynx and Flannery were having sandwiches together and talking about their day.
“I had this trainer challenge me, but I defeated him easily,” Flannery said.
“Doesn’t that mean you’re on a ten win streak?”
“Yeah I know.”
“If you like, I can show you what Arcanine and I have been rehearsing.” Lynx added, and Flannery nodded.
Goji got away from the window and pondered. He thought that this was the best way to go for his human friends.
. . .
The next day, Kan, Boltia, and PixelWizz were finishing Pokemon Spaghetti Version.
“Where’s C-Master and Deux go?” Asked Kan.
“They probably got bored, but I’m going to finish this game and never touch it again!” ejaculated PixelWizz.
On screen, Giovanni was talking down to Fire Red and Brendan. “Join me my boys, and I will make your faces the greatest in Kanto!” Giovanni commanded boldly. “Or else you two and Leaf Green will die.” He finished with the camera zoomed in on his face. After a not-burdensome battle, Giovanni was defeated crying “No, not into the pit! IT BURNS!!!” The two pkmn trainers threw a book and it opened a crevasse under Giovanni. He was wrapped into the book and the book fell into the crevasse and it closed in. Then the boys rescued a helpless Leaf Green and the three ran out of Team Rocket fortress as it exploded. After the explosion, the remains of the building were nowhere in sight.
“Thank you both. Now I can safely travel the Kanto Region,” said Leaf Green. She kissed both Fire Red and Brendan.
The credits then rolled as the trio waved goodbye.
“Finally! IT’S OVER!!!” Yelled PixelWizz.
“Hey everyone!” Hollered Shin Goji. Everyone turned toward their webmaster. I’m gonna show Lynx what I can do when he comes back. You all can watch.”
Later, a crowd of spectators were watching Shin on the grass from the castle. Charizard Master was in the crowd getting ready to see Lynx over powered. Lynx arrived, and everyone lowered to not draw attention.

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