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all pokemons i draw

29 files, last one added on Sep 12, 2005
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a bulbasour81 viewshmmm ,i finishe colorin this after i had lunch ,,,i loove bulbasoursSep 12, 2005
an eevee65 viewsan eevee i just finished after doing my collage home worxSep 11, 2005
a zangoose57 viewsfor those who loove zangoose ,such as meSep 11, 2005
pika and pichu.jpg
pikaaachuu and piiichuu93 viewsa special one drawn by mee again ( yoo matt i've improved alot didn't i ,hehehe )Sep 10, 2005
pika riceball.jpg
reaaal picka riceball49 viewshehehe sorry for the previos oneSep 10, 2005
zangoose riceball.jpg
picka riceball47 viewsa gift for u all since it's been so loooooong since i last came hereSep 10, 2005
my kind of shroomish76 viewsJul 04, 2005
love69 viewsJul 04, 2005