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Awesome Team110 viewsWell hello there! im ZeroHrz, Kansaibou's (the REAL one) partner...we make games now, i program he sprites, and he also does artwork on deviantart, as a team called the awesome team, this, is the psychotic smiley, a symbolizing me, the malevolent smiley symbolises kan, now, it seems that there has been some confusion going around...kansaibous old ppn account is phantom_kansaibou, but now hes just kansaibou...he dosnt go here anymore...he uses deviant art..so im just to clear up some stuff...nuff saidJul 04, 2008
lol59 viewswe finally can make antigravity happenAug 13, 2007
FAIL74 viewsAug 13, 2007
porcuipine46 viewsthis is my porcuipineJul 30, 2007
Ravin Porcuipine51 viewsthis is my ravin porcuipine :3Jul 30, 2007
the easter bunny hates you55 viewsgues what..-I- am the easter bunnyJul 10, 2007
lalala61 viewsjust showing kan somthing....Jul 08, 2007
Smile milk46 viewsyea, i made my own milk carton disign...with kan's malevolent smily of corse...drink smile milk!!! if you drink anything else youre a n00b!!!!..btw, you can cut it out and glue it on a real milk carton (if it fits...i dont know if german milk cartons are the same sizes as other ones)Jun 19, 2007