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Just....my art work in microsoft paint.

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Sketches I do in Paint. I don't have a scanner.

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The story of the new Saith. A new humanoid...revealed.

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Random stuff



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Story: Anime

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Scenes of my adventures in PPN in anime style.

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Pictures of my favorite anime ever: .Hack.

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Last additions - Saith's Gallery
T.S (well sorta) 250 viewsAnother pic of this dude who strongly resembles Twilight Shadow from my story. It's cool that I found this!Sep 02, 2006
TS-look alike.jpg
T.S (well sorta)58 viewsSep 02, 2006
Luna55 viewsAround 17, cheerful and clumbsy. Sometimes she can be real pain around people, but she likes to treat people nice whenever she feels like it. Uses a moon-shaped weapon that even allows her to sit on top of it and float.Sep 02, 2006
D.D80 viewsDeath Daisy. A clever and skilled female samurai. (about 19-20yrs old) She can be very sarcastic somtimes and can also be serious at another. Her life goal: To find the Sacred Alpha Blade.Aug 28, 2006
Dusk87 viewsA brother. Born only to have his soul destroyed and his body possessed...and to be later killed by his younger brother. He has returned with only one thought.....to avenge his death.Aug 23, 2006
??????64 viewsA guy of few words. Determined and willing to sacrifice and kill to get what he wants. Is usually almost always calm, but he can be stuburn and agressive when angry.Aug 21, 2006
No detail today.png
Saith55 viewsI tried making it the same style as Kan. However I didnt add any or almost any detail at all. Aug 18, 2006
Sarah fight.png
The fight61 viewsIn this scene, Sarah is about to fight with the Party. I havnt placed this picture in my other RP yet. Just know, this has nothing to do with me or my storyline.Aug 16, 2006