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Toa Metru


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Toa Mistika


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Keetongu114 viewsSet # 8755
Rahi, Order of Mata Nui
Keetongu was a highly intelligent, powerful Rahi, who spent many years living secluded in Ko-Metru, known to the world only as a legend. He aided the Toa Hordika and the Rahaga in their struggle against the Visorak.
May 01, 2010
Toa Mistika Onua42 viewsSet # 8690
Toa of Earth
As a Mistika he carries a Multi-Resistance Shield and a Nyrah Ghost Blaster with a laser sight.
Jun 08, 2009
Toa Mistika Gali37 viewsSet # 8688
Toa of water
As a Mistika Gali has a Nynrah Ghostblaster with an Aqua Focus Target for amazing precision. She also has two fins on her mask to help her cut through the air of the swamp faster.
Jun 08, 2009
Toa Mistika Tahu100 viewsSet # 8689
Toa of Fire (duh)
Tahu carries a Rotating Blade and a Nynrah Ghost Blaster whick look so rad. He also has rocket jets on him to make him go fast.
Jun 08, 2009
The Toa Mistika44 viewsThese versions of Tahu, Gali, and Onua look alot better than their original version and nuva versions. After the first battle in the sky at Karda Nui, the Toa Nuva split up. Tahu led Gali and Onua into the so-called Swamp of Secrets that puddled at the bottom of Karda Nui.Jun 08, 2009
Lerahk34 viewsSet # 8589
Lerahk is the Master of Poison. Although not a cunning planner, Lerahk more than made up for what he lacked in intelligence with sheer power. The tip of his staff could poison anything - plants, animals, soil, or any foe he might choose. But the staff has to be in physical contact with the target
Jun 08, 2009
Guurahk32 viewsSet # 8590
Guurahk is a skilled planner and intelligent. He would spend hours observing an enemy's weaknesses and powers before striking. He holds the Staff of Disintegration.
Jun 08, 2009
Turahk31 viewsSet# 8592
Turahk is the Rahkshi of Fear. Using his staff, Turahk could induce anything from slight unease to sheer terror in his foes. A being struck by the blast would either run away in panic or remain rooted to the spot in sheer terror.
Jun 08, 2009