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Godzilla kicked my Dog92 viewsGodzilla: Good morning.
Luke: No its evening.
Godzilla: Who are you?
Luke: This is LukeAtmey. I was just calling today because I live down the street from you and Lisa came by and kicked my dog, So I tied her up.
Godzilla: Man, dont torcher young women.
Luke: I have to.
Godzilla: Stop whinning.
Luke: But I...
Godzilla: STOP IT!!!
Luke: you b*terd
Godzilla Blasting LukeAtmey76 viewsthis is what I meant. (Lisa wasnt harmed, but untied)
God of War III55 viewsBest video game of all time ^^
digimon394 views
which one do you like268 views
I dunno?110 views
Grass starter Wallpaper.jpg
Grass starter wallpaper781 viewsthe Hoenn starter pokemon for a background for u all. I drew these pokemon and did the background also.
Godzilla Zero Hour80 views
149 views-wdg
halo3 finish the fight.jpg
halo3 finish the fight127 views
hao girls favorites233 viewsrenamon sasake and hao all of hao girls favorites
happy brthday david card!.JPG
happy brthday david card!.jpg92 viewsmutchlax and pikachu is between the brthdasy cake.
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