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Wrath of the Wolf

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Wrath of the Wolf Page 861 views Meanwhile, the 6 fugitives were still on the run. Boltia was in front of them thinking of what help to get. They couldn’t call upon Leviathan’s wrath because Shin wasn’t with them. Nor can they fight back, because Lati and the others were stronger than them, even with Deus’s NeoDammerus form. They could not get assistants from Neo Monster Island, since they can’t get there by boat, Elvis’s motorcycle, or by plane. Quintana wasn’t with them since he left a long time ago, so did F29. What or who else could help them fight back?
After minutes of running away, they came to a stop by a tree to rest in the shade. Each one of them was thinking of what just happened, PPN being taken over by LatiDog, and no one else to think of to get help. After a breathier, CharizardMaster had an idea.
“Hey guys, I know who we can get help from!” he said to everyone in the shade.
“Who?” they asked.
“We can ask LukeAtmey for help.”
Everyone thought it was a great idea. LukeAtmey was first a bad guy to our heroes, but then decided to join the good guys when his lust was taken by Shin’s soul in 2008. Plus, Luke is a smart man, he would know what to do in this type of situation. During the holiday season, Luke went to his family’s home in London, Great Britain. And he still is until March 21st.
“Great idea, CharizardMaster!” said Kan.
“So all we have to do is get to London.” said Pixelwizz. “This shouldn’t be a problem at all”.
“I can help you get to London.” said a mysterious voice. The fugitives looked around and saw that it was Birdo_Eee. Birdo_Eee stood in the sunlight with a face that tells the 6 that they can trust him.
“Okay.” Kan said trying to gain his trust. CharizardMaster on the other hand had a feeling of distrust.
“Wait a second!”C-Master proclaimed. “Just how can we trust this guy? What if he’s working of Lati and bent on capturing us?” he asked trying to get the others to agree with him.
“Well my friend, I am a member of Lati’s Pad, and I sing along with her. But I would never join her in such hostiles.” B_Eee said. CharizardMaster was now receiving the feeling of trust and understanding. Birdo_Eee then said “There’s a rest stop on the road just a few miles from here. We should start moving now before sunset.”. The others insisted on the idea, and they followed him.
Meanwhile back at PPN, Lati was prepared for her new set of laws on the website. The users stood before her with faces of resentment. In front of Lati were Amber and SecretBySecret, for protect incase of assassination. Lati then read from her sheet of laws “From this day forward, all pictures that wish to be uploaded will be reviewed under my approval!”. The users founded it Okay since that law was already in effect since PPNSteve’s and Shin’s reign. “But, any picture that has to do with Flannery, any picture made on MS paint, and/or anything n00bish to me will not be uploaded!”. That was when the crowd realized that anything n00bish to Lati is what a great majority of them like. And then they started to disagree with shouts.
“Order, order!” protested Lati’s guards. Lati then continued on her new laws.
“Now about the comments. Anyone who posts a comment that has nothing to do with the artwork or picture will have their comment deleted.”
Then the audience had a thought, Lati and her friends chat on pictures that don’t associate with the pic at all.
“Wait a minute!” expressed Dr. Mario. “You chat on pics too, so why not us?!”
Then suddenly two guards grabbed Dr. Mario by the arms and dragged him to the dungeon. Dr. Mario yelled “What the hell are you doing, I have the freedom of speech you unconstitutional bastards!”. But the guards still dragged him.
The crowd then went into an uproar by the unconstitutional act. The guards then came into the scene to calm down the crowd. Lati founded this entertaining while, sitting next to her, Shin founded it as an outrage. Shin still bared the ring around his head that prevented him from using his powers. He hoped that one day the ring will come off and he’ll overthrow Lati. But he’s going to have to wait.
Wrath of the Wolf page 941 views The next day, the six refugees and Birdo_Eee have reached a freeway.
“This is it, the freeway that leads to an airport.” B_Eee says. The ascending road displayed numerous cars moving at fast speed.
“Only one problem” stated Kan. “Which direction is to the airport?” that question gave some confusion. They searched for a sign that said where the airport would be. Then Pixelwizz spotted it, the airport was west from where they were at.
“Okay, we just have to follow the road west then we be at the airport in a few hours.” Said Deus.
“Or can we get there by car?” asked Flannery. Everyone started to agree.
“I’m afraid that can’t happen.” said a murky voice. Everyone startled and turned to see that it was Krokodyle-Man. “By the order of Webmaster, LatiDog, you six are under arrest. Thanks for the help, B_Eee.”
“No, I am not helping you or Lati.” Said Birdo_Eee. “These guys didn’t do anything to deserved this.”. Krokodyle-Man now founded B_Eee to be guilty of treason.
“You have the nuts to defy your webmaster, or her bounty hunter. So you’ll be under arrest too.” Said the crocodile. Meanwhile, Boltia spotted a pulled over car that they can use. Out of the blue, he took out a little mirror and shines the light to Krokodyle-Man’s eyes, blinding him.
“Quick, follow me to that car!” Boltia yelled getting the others to follow him. Birdo_Eee stood behind.
“Hey Birdo, aren’t you coming?” asked CharizardMaster.
“No, I’ll buy you some time. Good luck.” Replied B_Eee.
“C’mon, let’s go.” Said Kan. Then the six made a break for it to the car. Deux observed the car.
“This is Rush Limbaugh’s car.” Deux said.
“So what. Were trying to elude someone, not drive him to soccer practice,” Said Kan.
“Quick get it!” exclaimed Boltia opening the driver’s door and jumping into the seat. Everyone get into the car and shut the doors quickly. Boltia was having issues trying to start it.
“Oh just let me do it!” Flannery said climbing into the driver’s seat hijacking the car wires to activate the engine. Miraculously, the car was on and Flannery floored the gas pedal sending the automobile at a great speed. Meanwhile, Rush Limbaugh was walking up to where his car was and saw that it was gone.
“SON OF A B***CH!” yelled the political commentator.
In the stolen car, the people in the back saw that Krokodyle-man was not in sight.
“I think he’s gone,” said Deux. Everyone gave a sigh of relief. Then they heard something land on top of the car, it was the croc.
“I got you now!” said Krokodyle-man. Then the car began to twist and turn out of control because the driver, Flannery, was getting stressed out. This caused the croc to lose his grip on the roof of the car. Then Krokodyle-man finally let go and landed onto the freeway regaining his balance. He knew he had a job to do, so he began to sprint after the fugitives. Pixelwizz looked into a car mirror saying “OBJECTS IN MIRROR ARE CLOSER THAN THEY APPEAR” and eyepoppingly saw Krokodyle-man sprinter to them opening his jaws. The little wizard then put the window down and formed a pixilated boxing glove.
“Ha, don’t make me laugh!” said the croc sprinting after the car. Pixelwizz levitated the glove and punched Krokodyle-man in the eye as a boxer would. The croc then lost balance and was looking much small as the fugitives drove away.
“It looks like we lost him for sure,” said Deux. But he was wrong. The croc was jumping over cars to catch them. Deus looked forward and saw something that can help. And in surprise he saw a road sign above the freeway meters head.
“Flannery, keep driving!” Deux instructed climbing to the roof the car. The croc was getting closer. “Ha ha, you can’t catch us!” said Deux taunting Krokodyle-man.
Krokodyle-Man replied “Oh don’t bet on it you little…” but was cut off when he jumped right into the street sign Deux wanted him to hit.
“U FALED!!!” Flannery yelled with one hand on the wheel and giving Krokodyle-man the middle finger with the other.
. . .
Finally they reached the airport, with the plane that was about to take off. They didn’t have tickets, so they had to sneak into the cargo hold. The group hid behind a pile of boxes waiting for the right moment to sneak. Now was their chance.
“Quick, let’s go,” CharizardMaster said. Then the six went onto the ramp and into the cargo hold.
“Perfect, now it’s just smooth flying to Great Britain,” Boltia said stretching his arms to rest. After a few minutes the plane began to take off. But Krokodyle-man was hanging on to the planes front leg as it was going into the plane and taking off. When the bottom the door closed, the croc took out a communicator to contact Lati.
“Webmaster, I am on hold with the fugitives on a plane going somewhere. But it appears to be going east,” said the croc.
“Good, and once you got them, bring them to me,” replied Lati sitting in her office. Then Shin walked in holding a tray of tea.
“Here’s your tea, your highness,” Goji said sarcastically looking away from her. Lati said nothing and took the cut and sipped the tea.
Wrath of the Wolf page 1054 views The sun was now setting on the horizon turning the sky to the skin of an orange. Outside the castle under new management, were Stewie, the Angry Video Game Nerd, and the other four elementals sitting around a fire.
“I’m sick of following Lati’s orders,” Stewie said in pout “they’re unfair and just stupid,”
“I hear you, my friend,” replied Volnix.
“Just how can they seize Dr. Mario like that? He had the right to speak his mind against the Webmaster’s statement!” the nerd protested. Stewie sighed and looked at the lightened ground.
“It’s like she’s ruining this place for us,” the baby said. “Maybe what she said the other night was true. Maybe we are to move on to other sites,”
“Now that is not true,” said a voice coming to join them, they turned and saw that it was Shin-Goji.
“Good evening, Webmaster,” Acroqua said. The other’s eyes widened and got Acroqua to shush. Calling anyone ‘Webmaster’ was considered blasphemy and was to be punished by whipping. But Acroqua still showed loyalty to Shin even though he wasn’t Webmaster. This was something that they wanted the others to follow.
“Don’t worry friends. Lati won’t be able to listen up on us from here,” Shin said sitting on a log next to Acroqua. “This place was up even before anyone of you came, so why should we listen to someone else’s thoughts about it?” Shin asked. “Is it because that person claims to be more mature?”
The others looked at each over for answers, but none came out.
“Well it is true that everyone grows up at some point. But do you know what else is true? That doesn’t mean you don’t have to all boring forever,” this made Stewie and AVGN put a smile on their faces. “Surely you’ll grow up one day, but there’s one thing that will stay with you forever, your memories of this place. Pokemon Palace Network, one of the best know places on Earth where you can get your info on Pkmn stuff, a holy ground to anyone, and a great place to relax in nostalgia. And that, my friends, is a place worth fighting for,” now everyone who heard Shin’s words gave a smile of loyalty.
“Okay, Webmaster, what’s your plan?” asked Stewie. Shin looked around to see if there were spies or spying devices, but there weren’t.
“Here’s the plan, we’ll go down to the dungeons and there’s a secret door that leads to the outside,” shin instructed.
“Wait,” Volnix added. “There is a secret door in the dungeons?” This question got the others attention.
“No body knows about it, because I know some things that many don’t,” Shin said. Everyone thought that was an acceptable answer.
Then sirens gave their sounds notifying that the day was over.
“It is 8 o’clock pm. Time for bed!” Lati instructed in a microphone. Everyone was required to be sent to bed at a certain hour since Lati became Webmaster.
“We’ll escape once its midnight,” Shin said giving the plan.
“Yes, Webmaster,” replied everyone.
. . .
The clock struck twelve, giving twelve chimes at a low tone. Only the light of the moon gave the castle its light. In the almost darkened hallway were Shin, the Elementals, the AVGN, the other newcomers and Stewie carrying a ray gun. Goji looked to see if there were guards or security cameras, but there was only Amber monitoring the hall. Amber still had the remote to the ring on Shin’s head.
“Stewie, set your gun to stun,” Shin whispered to the infant. Then Stewie took a look at Amber to see her back. Once she turned her back to her post, Stewie shot a silent lime green ray of light at her, and Amber fell to the ground.
“Okay, let’s move,” Acroqua said. Shin took the remote from Amber’s ice cold motionless hand. Now that Shin had it, he can get the ring off. But there was a problem, the remote was out of energy. This made Shin curse, then returned to the group.
Then they stumbled upon the door to the dungeons, Ravnosphere was an expert at unlocking locked doors without a key. The atmosphere pokemon stuck a hair pin into the lock and after a few jiggles, the door made a sound that indicated that it was open. In the dungeons were Dr. Mario, Chris and a few others that tried to speak against Lati’s rules. The light of Shin’s dorsal shattered the darkness. Shin then took out a torch and exhaled on it giving it a fire that shattered more darkness. The bright light made the other’s cover their eyes till they got use to it. It also made the ones shackled to the wall wake up.
“Don’t worry. Were gonna help you,” shin said. Then Ravnosphere gave everyone a hair pin to unlock the shackles. Once they were loosened, the prisoners were free.
“Thanks for helping us,” Chris thanking the others for their mercy.
“Okay Shin, where’s that secret door that only you know?” asked Herbipede. Shin then walked to stair case where they walked in and turned to the left.
“Macaroni and cheese, and mustard,” Shin said to the wall and opened his palms. Then the wall descended to the floor and revealed a door. The others looked with wide eyes. This phenomenon was farfetched to them.
“Well, now you know,” Shin said to the wide eyed observers. Then they shook their heads and followed Shin through the secret door, and it closed behind them. Beyond the door was long dark tunnel, only the lightened torch revealed light in the pitch black.
“So how did you figure that whole secret door thing?” asked the Angry Video Game Nerd.
“F29 told me about it,” Shin answered. “He said that you can use it to get sneak up on our enemies interior,”
After a few minutes of walking, they saw another door, but this one was made of metal. Shin went up to it and said “PB and J in a little bowl,” . Then the metal door opened and revealed a staircase going up. Once they reached the top of the stairs, there was another door but this one had no lock. Shin opened it and fresh air touched their faces and the moonlight was upon them.
“We did it, were free!” Acroqua shouted out with glee. Behind them was the castle that they have to save. Shin looked at the castle of PPN and figured what they have to do.
“So now what do we do?” asked Stewie.
“Now we have to find F29 and get his help,” Shin answered. “And once we do, we’ll go back and take back our site,”
“Only one question,” said Volnix. “Where did he go when he left?”
“Before F29 came to PPN, he used to be on Serebii. So I bet that he went back there,” . Everyone liked the idea.
“And maybe, F29 can help you get that ring off. Then we can defeat Lati,” said Herbipede.
“Yes, maybe he can,” Shin replied. Then the group set out to Serebii.
Wrath of the Wolf page 1133 viewsMeanwhile, the six fugitives have landed in London, Great Britain.
“Now all we have to do is to find Luke,” said Kansaibou. They others agree and they set out to the city. Behind them not to far was Krokodyle-man trying to pick up their scent. Then his communicator gave its ringtone. The croc answered it.
“Yes, Webmaster,” said the croc.
“Krokodyle-man, we have a problem,” replied Lati.
“What is it?”
“The n00bs that were here are gone now,”
“And why is that a concern?”
“Because who knows what they can be doing?”
“Maybe they left because they wanted to move on to better sites,”
“Maybe, but there’s got to be another reason,”
Krokodyle-man soon got that off his mind and focused on his mission, “Any whom, I’ve seemed to arrive in London, Great Britain,”
“Great Britain? Why would those six n00bs go there?”
“I don’t know, but I’ll still stick to my mission,”
“Good, see ya,” then Lati turned off her communicator.
Later, the groups of fugitives led by Kan are still on the search for the Atmey house. Kan held out a postcard that Luke sent them during the holidays.
“His house has got to be a few blocks down,” Kan said reading address and looking at the house numbers. Then appeared a house that had the same number as the one in the address, 142.
“Here it is!” pointed CharizardMaster.
“Finally we made it,” said Flannery hugging him. Kan walked up to the door and gave it a few knocks. A few moments later, the door open showing their o’ pal.
“Zvarri! My very good friends coming to see me I see,” the good man rhymed. “Please, don’t come in, zvarri!”
The six walked into the house and made their selves at home. Inside, the house smelled like ginger and gave a jolly feeling.
“Please, do sit down around the fire and I’ll make some tea, zvarri!” Luke insisted in the kitchen. The group agreed and sat down on a long sofa. LukeAtmey came out carrying shining tray with 7 glasses of green tea. He landed the tray on the coffee table and sat down in his own arm chair.
“So do tell me, what brings you here? Zvarri!” Luke asked leaned forward with his hand on his chin.
“What didn’t have any other option,” said Pixelwizz.
“Do you know LatiDog that used to go to PPN?” asked Deux.
“Zvarri! LatiDog?” Luke wondered. “Hmmm, isn’t she the whining mutt that gave that , out of nowhere, comment about those pictures of Miss Flannery Blaze here?”
“Oh yes, that’s her,” Flannery answered.
“That’s why we came here, Lati has taken over PPN,” added CharizardMaster. This made Luke spit out the tea in his mouth and coughed.
“Zvarri! Pokemon Palace Network taken over by a dog!” the ace detective said. “That is very farfetched!”
“Yes, it does sound unbelievable, but it’s true,” said Boltia. “Shin wasn’t able to defeat her, even in his Vengeance State!”
“So we came and we need your help,” said Deux.
“Zvarri! Very well then, I’ll assist you in your little rebellion,” Luke said. Then there were loud knocks on the door. Pixelwizz walked to the window and saw that it was Krokodyle-man.
“Uh-oh! It’s the croc from the freeway!” the pixilated wizard said in fright. This made the other fugitives jump and afraid.
Wrath of the Wolf page 1288 views“Zvarri! What seems to be the matter?” Luke asked.
“There’s a really tough crocodile sent by Lati to capture us,” answered Kan.
“Don’t worry, hide in my attic upstairs. I’ll take care of this brute, Zvarri!” Luke said. Then the six ran up the stairs and crawled up to the attic. Luke then opened the door and saw how big the croc is. The ace detective’s eyes widened and began to sweat.
“Zvarri! How may I help you?” asked LukeAtmey.
“Hello sir,” said the croc. He walked in and sniffed the house for the fugitives. “I’ve been tracking a scent of six wanted people. And it appears they’ve been to your house,”
“Six wanted fugitives of your law of sorts. And who can they be?”
Krokodyle-man then gave Luke a sheet of paper with six faces. Luke examined it saw the faces and names of the wanted people. He had to do something, he can’t just turn them in. In the attic, Kan and Pixelwizz had their ears to the floor.
“I know them,” Luke said.
“You do? So where are they?” asked the croc. When the six in the attic heard that question, they were beginning to be filled with fear.
“I know where they’re not” Luke answered.
“So you don’t know where?” the croc asked.
“On the contrary,”
So you do where they are,”
“Yet I am not denying nor rejecting the idea that I undeniably do or do not know where. That is indeed where they aren’t,”
This made Krokodyle-man’s mind boggle. Then he shook his head.
“Just tell me, where are they?”
“Okay then,” Luke said to the impatient croc. “They are in…” Luke stopped.
“Why did you stop?” asked Krokodyle-man. Then the croc was shot in the back with a force of psychic and dark power, and then to the ground. It was Kan and Deus.
“I wasn’t really going to tell him,” Luke said.
“Well that’s not important,” said Deux.
“C’mon guy’s, it’s clear to go!” yelled Kan. Then the rest of the fugitives ran down the stairs and out the door. Krokodyle-man regained conscious and got back, to see that the six fugitives have escaped.
“I’ll get them for this!” yelled the croc running out of the door.
The six fugitives ran from the streets of London with a tough croc on their tails. Whatever got in Krokodyle-man’s way he just hurled it out of his way.
“Hey wait a minute, why are we running from him?” asked CharizardMaster.
“Because he’ll arrest us if we don’t,” answered Boltia. Then the charizard stopped and so did the others.
“We’ll I say we stand and fight. I can teach with here villain a thing or two!”
“And you know what, you’re right,” said Flannery with a pokeball in her hand. “I’m tired of running,”
“Me too,” Kansaibou and Boltia said. Deux and Pixelwizz joined in. Then the croc caught up to them.
“Well, look at this. Enemies working together,” said Krokodyle-man. “I can do a six on one challenge,”. CharizardMaster went first and used Flame Blitz. It was effective, but the croc fought back with punches and head butts. Then Flannery called out her two Magcargoes, Torkoal, Ninetales, Typlosion, and Thorn her Charizard.
“Everyone, use Flamethrower!” Flannery ordered. All six of the fire type pokemon released a stream of fire at Krokodyle-man. When the flames subsided, the croc was still standing holding a bus by its front. And swatted the pokemon away, like a baseball bat with a baseball. Kansaibou and Boltia attacked with slashing tails and thunder claws. Krokodyle-man deflected Kan and threw him into a building.
In the rubble, Kansaibou thought to himself “Wow, I’ve looked like a total p*ssy out there, just what would Lisa say if she were here?
And now it’s time for “Boyfriending with Phantom_Kansaibou”
Kansaibou: As a boyfriend, it is very important to show you’re girlfriend that you are a strong and mature boyfriend. Otherwise she may not love you anymore.
Shin: Or she can just forgive you and move on.
This has been “Boyfriending with Phantom_Kansaibou”
Boltia did the best he could with his lightning-jutsu, but the mean croc threw him to the ground. Now it was Pixelwizz and Deux’s turn. Pixelwizz made a pixilated machine gun and fired away. But the bullets couldn’t hit Krokodyle-Man, and then the croc threw a car at the pixilated wizard. Deus took out his scythe, Goliath, and unleashed a wave a dark energy, the wave hit the croc. So Deux fired another wave but Krokodyle-man dodged it and pound Deus to the ground. The only one left standing was Flannery herself. CharizardMaster tried to get up and defend her, but was too injured to do so.
“No, leave her alone!” the charizard said.
But then a voice disrupted the six on one challenge “Hello mate,” . It was none other than, Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter.
“No, no!” said the Krokodyle-man. “Not the crocodile Hunter!” . Everyone thought Steve Irwin was dead. But somehow he was back from the dead.
“Crikey, look at the size of this creep!” said Steve Irwin surprised. “But I can take him,” . Steve then rolled up his sleeves and tackled Krokodyle-man. Everyone saw in such an unbelievable sight this was. A deceased Australian alive again defeating a croc that the six couldn’t defeat. Steve Irwin head locked the croc and wrestled him some more. Then Krokodyle-man was defeated, Steve Irwin claimed victory.
“Wow that was awesome!” Pixelwizz said.
“Yeah, were safe now,” said CharizardMaster in relief. Everyone came up to Steve in thanks for saving them.
“Zvarri!” said LukeAtmey walked to the seven. “What on Earth happened here?”
“Luke, Steve Irwin defeated the croc! Were no longer hunted!” said CharizardMaster. Luke’s magnifying glass popped out of his eye in disbelief.
“Zvarri! The Crocodile Hunter back from the dead!” proclaimed the ace detective.
“Yeah, it’ll take more than a sting ray to take me down,” said Steve. “I better get going,”
“Go?!” asked Deux. “Why?!”
“Because I got a lot of unfinished business to do in this world,” answered Steve. “Maybe when I’m done we’ll meet again,” . Then the crocodile hunter ran from their sight.
“Any whom,” Luke resumed “I’ve got a few fighting machines that we can use if were to take back PPN,” .
“Alright, and when that day comes, we’ll strike the strength out of them,” CharizardMaster concluded.
Wrath of the Wolf page 1687 viewsInside the castle, the mechanical drill has breached the castle’s interior.
“We made it!” cheered Boltia.
“Now let’s teach them a thing or three,” said Flannery pressing the ejection button. All three of them pressed their ejection buttons and popped out of the top of the drill and on to the floor. The warriors inside prepared for battle as the five were ready to fight, both sides charged. Meanwhile in the room, where Goji, F29, and Deux have destroyed the generator to the force field, the trio was prepared for anything.
“Now let’s take out Lati and win this thing,” F29 said to get his comrades to fight. Just then, Lati ran into the room and saw the three that destroyed the generator.
“So it was you three, you’re going to pay for that!!!” Lati exclaimed with a spark of craziness.
“If she won’t give in, then it’ll be her downfall as the price,” Goji said powering up. Then Shin turned into his Vengeance State, Deux and F29 powered up. Deux shot first with a wave of dark energy. Lati dodged and shot her Lati Beam at them, but the beam was deflected by F29’s full powered energy wave. Vengeance-Goji jumped up and fired his vengeance at full power. The beam hit Lati’s left side, leaving a dark burned side to show good and evil. Lati charged with a Giga Impact on Goji. It hit but he shook it off quickly, Goji then lunged to give a Gojira Roar that shook the room with a frightening roar. F29 and Deux covered their ears but the force of frightening energy shot Lati to the wall behind her. F29 held up his palms and shouted “Glacies Fulsi!”, and a straight beam of ice caught Lati frozen to the wall. After a few seconds, the ice exploded revealing a humble Lati now aggregated for murder. Lati then used a technique that splits her to three clones, all three of them charged each giving out a Lati Beam. Deux blocked all them of the beams with a long wave of dark energy. Goji and F29 fired their waves at the two clones and they disappeared, leaving the real Lati. Deux then gave Lati a large punch of dark energy. But Lati still refused to give up, this made the trio start to get exhausted. Then Flannery, Boltia, and Kan appeared in the door way, seeing the ongoing fight between the tyrant-like webmaster and three freedom fighters. Goji turned to see the other three.
“Get out of here! We can take care of this!” the vengeful kaiju shouted. Lati didn’t care, she powered up and shot an even more powerful Lati Beam. Goji shot his vengeance beam making a beam lock. Boltia thought what happened last time was going to happen again, so he used a Thunder attack on Lati. It made her beam a lot weaker, making the vengeance beam win the beam lock. Lati was plunged back by the overcoming force of vengeance.
“Well, I guess we can use your help after all,” Goji said. Lati was now angry.
F29 knew what that meant, and stood in front of his trio and performed “Amplus Contego!”, and large energy shield covered his friends. Lati gave a howl and large force of ki charged right out of her. This was her version of Goji’s “Ryuujin Gekikan”. The two powers clashed trying to outweigh the other. F29’s shield was mostly holding up with that kind of intense power.
“Guys” F29 said. “In case I die, just remember that I died for my favorite site ever, and that you’re the best friends I can ever have,”
Then the shield was beginning to crumble, but F29 continued “Deus, remember when you said you had a way of returning PPN to its former glory?”. This caught Deux’s attention, “Well my friend, you’ve succeeded!”
The shield now was crumbling quickly. Then Deus pushed F29 out of the way and took the Lupus Ira for him.
A few moments after the smoke cleared, everyone found that the brave dark user, DeusEXmachyna, was down and gone. Everyone began to moan for the loss of their friend, except Lati who didn’t care.
“Why do you weep for this n00b?” she asked trying to get them angry. F29 started to feel a need for vengeance. He searched into his pocket and found a white album. He opened the first page and said “Abeo preteritus,”. Then the album glowed white as snow and shined the whole room. F29 then muttered to himself.
“These are my chronicles, which means I can do whatever I please in this world. Deux’s death shall be avenged, but not in this time. In a different time, I’ll take place as another soul, and he will change the future for good!”. F29 then became a shining white silhouette and he split into two other souls, himself and other older person.
Wrath of the Wolf page 1759 viewsThe date is March 6th, 2009, it was the afternoon. The very exact time that PPN was having its Pop Music Night.
“Alright, this is it,” said a young man standing in the fields looking at the castle. Right behind him was a bush, and hiding behind it was Lati. The young adult felt her presence. “Come on out Lati, I know you’re here,”
“What?” the wolf replied.
“You’re so lame sneaking around like a boogey man. What’s your plan, to see how far PPN’s childish hate goes? You must wonder how this place must be going,” he stated knowing exactly what she could have done.
“What the, how do you know all this?”
“It’s written all over your face,”
This made Lati shocked to be in front of someone like a psychic. “So you know about my unexpected return, and if you do, then how is the childish site going?” she asked.
“Pretty good, it just needs one more addition. It’s good old friend, me,”
“You?” the wolf wondered how this young man can be PPN’s old friend. Then she felt his ki, which was strikingly similar to F29’s. “What a second, how come I sense F29’s ki in you?”
“The others will find that out later, but I will tell you that my GF is very popular amongst these people” he stated. Now Lati was hit with a big surprise.
“I can’t believe it, you’re in a shipping with her?” Lati exclaimed. “This can’t be possible, just how can you be hers if I don’t know you. Well I don’t care about it, it doesn’t matter anyway, but no it is fine. After hearing this, she’ll get what she deserves for what she did to me,”
The young man sighed, “You just can’t let her go can’t you. But if you can get by me, you can have her. If not, then you have to promise to leave everyone’s life, in that castle, in peace!”
This was a challenge that Lati had to accept. “Okay, I accept your little challenge,”
“But can we choose a better place to settle this?”
“Sure, why not,”
. . .
Later, the two were in a wasteland a little far from PPN.
“This is it!” the young man said.
“Perfect, a good place to mark your grave,” Lati added.
“You know, we don’t have to do this,”
“Such tripe!” Lati interrupted. “Where’s your pride, boy?! What happened to the superior intellect these days?”
“But it’s not about superiority, maybe if we’re both to say we’re sorry,”
“No! I’m not sorry!”
“Very well then,”
Then the two got into a fighting stance and waited for the right time to strike.
“Are you sure you’re not sorry?” he asked again. Lati felt annoyed.
“Yes, how many times must I tell you, that I’m not sorry for anything!?”
While Lati was yelling, the young man took out a pokeball and came out a shiny Arcanine. “Double-Edged Flame Blitz!” he commanded. The golden Arcanine burst into flames and recklessly tackled Lati. The startled wolf regained her balance while huffing and puffing for air.
“Okay, not bad, but I can do better,” she said arrogantly. “Now witness the power of an elder!”
“Elder, of what?” the young man asked.
“It means that I’ve been a superior user than everyone else for a long period of time, you n00b!” she answered. The young trainer thought about what she said, and didn’t say anything. Only the sound of wind filled the silence. LatiDog felt like she had to explain everything.
“Sigh!” she said to humble herself. “Consider yourself a ten year old boy and consider me as your sixteen year old sister,”
“You know my GF was sixteen when we first met,” he added. Lati didn’t say anything.
“I’m going to start hitting you now, I don’t know when I should stop,” she said in a low tone of voice.
“Well thanks for the explaining, Miss Dog,” concluded the boy. Now Lati felt insulted and charged at him like a bull. “Arcanine Dig!” he said and dodged Lati’s charge. She missed, but charged again at him. Then the golden Arcanine popped out of the ground under her and tackled and plunged her to the ground. There was left a hole, Arcanine retreated out of it, but Lati didn’t.
“This… means… nothing at all,” the wolf said with echoes underground. The boy looked into the deep hole.
“Are you okay down there?” he asked.
“Yes, I’m fan-F**king-taskic! Nothing but tea and biscuits down here,”
“Wow, really? Can I come down too?”
“I’m surrounded by idiotic children,”
“But I thought you’re surrounded by tea and biscuits,” he said. Then Lati let out a scream of experienced stupidity. The ground beneath the young man and his Arcanine started to crumble. They jumped to safer ground as the crumbling earth exploded with rage and energy. There was a crater with Lati, in the middle of it, enraged.
“Oh, looks like Miss Lati had too much biscuits. Ay’ governor,” the boy said in a British accent. His Arcanine gave two barks of agreement.
“THAT’S IT!!! NO MORE MERCY!!!!!” Lati shouted. She jumped into the air, levitated by her raging energy. “YOU SEE PPN OVER THERE, N00B!?” the wolf asked pointing to the castle in a distance.
“Yeah, what about it?” he asked.
“Why that’s not very nice,”
“And are you saying you have a latte beam?” he asked again. This made Lati angrier and gave a shout about it. This made the young man realize that he had to stop her beam. He order his Arcanine to jumped and use an “Overheated HyperBeam”. Then the LatiBeam and the fiery HyperBeam clashed in a beam lock.
“GIVE UP, N00B! YOU WILL NEVER WIN THIS FIGHT!” Lati yelled firing her beam still. The boy had to do something, so he reached into his pocket and founded a charcoal.
“Arcanine, here’s a charcoal to make you stronger!” he hollered throwing the burned wood to Arcanine. When it came in contact with the golden canine, the fiery HyperBeam became much stronger. Then it surpassed the LatiBeam and Lati was shot higher into the air. After the light of Lati’s power vanished to the sky, the young man and his Arcanine felt though they won. But Lati was still breathing, while she was being hurled into space, she regained her self. Now she was very very angry, she now wanted the young man dead.
“SON OF A F***ING B**CH!!! THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING TO ME!!! I’M LATIDOG, DAMN IT!!! THE BEST USER OF ALL SITES I STAND UPON!!!!” she yelled to the sky. After catching her breath, she plotted on how to kill him. “Yeah I’ll do it! I’ll destroy him with my Lupus Ira! But wait, there’s just one problem. HOW DO I DO IT!?”
After all that shouting, she plunged back to the Earth to finish the fight once and for all. The young man and his Arcanine were ready to end this. Lati landed back on the ground.
“Hold on,” he said. “Why are you doing this?”
“Why am I doing this, why am I fighting you? I;ll tell you why, BECAUSE OF YOU, AND THE REST OF THOSE N00BISH FOLLOWERS OF SORTS!”
“Okay, but one thing: You don’t use a ‘;’ and it is “I’ll”, not “I;ll”,” he advocated. “But just to even once and for all, maybe you should apologize for saying your ‘uncalled for’ opinion on those 100 pictures,”
“Well that’s an easy mistake to make when talking fast AND the two buttons are next to each other. I HATE YOU SO MUCH!!!! Oh and ‘uncalled for’? Sorry kid, but opinions are never ‘uncalled for’, which is WHY they are called opinions!”
“What?” the young man asked misunderstood.
“Are you serious, ARE YOU F***ING SERIOUS?!”
“And another thing you should know, your comment got deleted,” he concluded. Lati now felt dumbfounded, and humiliated.
“What, who did it? I’m going to kill who ever kills my comments!”
“My goodness, Lati what happened?” asked someone else. It was SecretBySecret.
“This n00b pawned me hard, and someone deleted my comment! How dare them!” answered Lati.
“Never mind that, but he’s an idiot,” added the yellow wolf.
“Yeah, and the fish will eat him one day,”
“And then we eat the fish,”
“Excuse me!?!?” said a mighty voice from the sky. Then a giant shark flew to the land and stared at the wolves. “Sorry, but no one eats the fish!”
“Sorry to ask, but who are you?” asked the young man.
“Why I am the fish, the most random plot twist!” the giant shark answered. “And now to finish this, once and for all!”. The fish flew back and his face popped up and lazar face. “IMMA FIRIN MY LAZAR!!! BWAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” and a blue and white large beam shot out the mouth and hit the wolves hard.
“Ack!!! The only thing keeping me sane in this moment of humiliation, this that there was no way we could of dodged this!” said Lati.
“You know you could of just said you were sorry and maybe this whole mess would of never happened,” added the Fish.
“DAMN YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Lati shouted. And those were her last words, the wolves, were gone.
Wrath of the Wolf Conclusion127 views“Thanks for ending this Mr. Fish,” said the young man.
“No problem, so what’s your name, son” asked the Fish. Before the boy could answer, a large group of six foot tall robots appeared.
“Hey kid, remember you said that there was a place where we can hang out?” asked the red robot with a disk launcher.
“Yeah, it’s right over there,” the boy answered pointing to PPN.
“Well thanks for helping us, kid,” said the red machine leading the others to the castle.
“Who are they?” asked the Fish.
“They’re the Bionicle,”
. . .
The crowds cheered with a thunderous applause, the 3 seats on the other side of the room were filled with new people. And there was Deus, who did not die.
“Okay, that was I've got you under my skin by Cole Porter & Nelson Riddle!” said Shin-Goji. “Do have someone new here?” he asked looking at the other side of the room. Then the group of Bionicle came through the door, Shin turned and looked in amazement.
“Is this where we heard Pop music?” asked a green bionicle with two air-slicers.
“Why yes it is, and this is Pokemon palace Network my friends,” answered Shin. Then the other bionicles filled up almost every seat on the other side of the room. There were twelve of them, six were the Toa Metru, and a trio of them was a red, blue, and green Rahkshi. And the last three were a red, blue, and black Toa Mistika.
“Hey mister!” said the blue Rahkshi, Guurahk. “Can I sing a song?”
“Sure, here you go!” said Shin throwing the microphone. Guurahk grabbed it, then he and Toas Vakama and Matau ran onto the stage. They were prepared to sing “When We Swing”, performed by Frank Sinatra Jr., Stewie, and Brian.
♪ How I love a girl who's flawless ♪

♪ Even better when she's bra-less ♪

Guurahk and Matau
♪ But the thing that tops it all is when we swing ♪

♪ How I love a glass of jack ♪

♪ Or anything with Robert Stack ♪

♪ But the girls we romance can't stay out of our pants when we swing ♪

♪ Yesterday had got me feeling kind of blue ♪

♪ So you left, and we replaced you with a Jew ♪

Jewish Guy: Lady!
Guurahk: You're fired!
Jewish Guy: Oy!

♪ We love it when the ladies squeeze us ♪

♪ That's an easy way to please us ♪

Vakama, Guurahk, and Matau
♪ But we kick out the cirrhosis when we swing ♪

♪ I love the work of Allen Funt ♪
♪ Or a nicely shaven leg ♪

Vakama, Guurahk, and Matau
♪ But nothing compares to the feeling that we get ♪ ♪ No, nothing compares to the feel we get when we swing! ♪
The End.
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