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Charizard Master's Shippings116 viewsI am Glorinor, another friend of Charizard Master. He told some awsome shippings! Here they are:

Liza + Charizard Master= Heat Wave shipping
F29 + Dawn= Cool Beauty shipping
Charizard Master + Prima = Firey Ice shipping
Charizard Master + Queen Rin= Fire Royalty shipping
Jasmine + Clair + Charizard Master= Firey Steel Dragon shipping
Shelly + Charizard Master= Watery Fire shipping
Charizard Master + Pike Queen Lucy= Fire Luck shipping
Cynthina + Chaizard Master= Fire Victory shipping
Lady Tsunade + Charizard Master= Loyal Fire shipping
All female members + Charizard Master= Crazy Fire Chaos shipping
08/29/09 at 18:31SatoHaruLuver: Awesome!
Got Milk?867 viewsI dunno... I just found this pic and though it was funny...08/25/09 at 19:10Charizard Master: How's the PPN Chronicles Wikipedia going?
Got Milk?867 viewsI dunno... I just found this pic and though it was funny...08/19/09 at 23:24kasaibou2nd: I got milk, taste pretty good!
my Pkmn OC: Seth66 viewsWhen people looked at my DeviantART gallery, there's a folder saying "Pokemon OC" that hasn't had a deviation, until now. Everyone, meet my original characer, Seth! One day I'll get his basic bio up soon.
Seth is owned by me.
FireRed pose by nitendo.
08/08/09 at 13:19Cubone: Awesome!!
Wrath of the Wolf Page 298 viewsThe crowd cheered with a thunderous applause, 3 seats on the other side of the room were filled with new people.
"Oh, what do we have here?" Shin asked carrying a microphone. He walked down the stage to greet the new comers. "Hello people, what would your names be?" The first one was a young man with brown and gold hair with a T-shirt with a cute girl on it "I'm GIRmaniac124, I like Anime, bleedman, food, and girls".
"So do I" added CharizardMaster in a distance. The next person was like GIRmaniaz124 but with darker hair and wear a shirt with Bubbles kissing Mac with Bloo jaw dropping "My name's Irakaxe and I support Bubbles and Mac". Shin turned to the last person at the table who was a little blue bird.
"I'm CuteArticuno, I just love listening to music."
"There you have it folks, PPN has got 3 new people with just one song!" Shin said to the audience. "Up next, we have I've got you under my skin by Cole Porter & Nelson Riddle!". The audience applauded to that choice.
"I can't believe this." Chris said to everyone at his table. "Pop music is making PPN great again, nothing's going to stop us!" Then the doors opened with a peculiar long time user that lost hope during the wars, LatiDog.
"What is going on in here?" Lati asked to everyone.
"Were having a pop music night to make PPN very popular once again." answered CharizardMaster. Lati couldn't believe what she heard, then jumped onto the stage and took a microphone.
"Why do you people even bother showing up here if this place isn't getting more people?" Lati questioned demandingly to the audience, no one answered. "I thought so, so just let it go. My god. Most people are in high school, they have no time for this childish site .Well, it's suposed to be childish. it really isn't when the mods allow porno to get uploaded, so, yeah."
"Hey, I don't allow such digusting things like that here!" Shin stated.
"Oh, and you must be the webmaster. Well sorry" Lati said sarcasticly. " My point it, even if they still do like pokemon. They've moved on to other sites. Do the same! Geez!" No one answered, the cricket was giving it's sound in the background. Then someone from the audience threw a rotten tomatoe at Lati, it was CharizardMaster.
"We will NEVER leave here! We don't care what you think!" the enraged charizard yelled.
"Yeah, LatiDumby!" added Flannery giving Lati a middle finger. Then the audience gave a laugh for finding it funny.
"Oh that is rich, LatiLoser!" said Pixelwizz with a hint of comedy. The audience laughed even harder, even Deux founded it hilarious.
"Oh wow, you people are SO creative." Lati said contradicting. "That is why people don't come here. You n00bs take ONE comment and then "hate" the person that made it. Just because, even though I'm a fan of Flannery, I say this site doesn't need 100 freaking pics of her."
"Hey wait a minute!" exclamated the Angry Video Game Nerd "If she's a fan of Flannery right here" pointing to Flannery, "then why do you say that the pics were annoying?"
"Some of the SAME exact moment, but a different second." Lati answered.
"What does that mean?" asked Deux. Lati then twitched at Deux's question.
"The bottom line is: This gallery's got to have a limit, but no, F29 had to upload 100 pics of the same freaking person in the same instance 50 times, and then switch episodes and so the same thing."
"But on PPN, there are no limits." Shin added. "And what did you mean by that last part?" he asked. Lati couldn't even believe what Shin asked, then blood came out of her nose for no apparent reason.
"I hate you all, so much, that I want to kill everyone of you." Lati said in a low tone of voice, then dropped the microphone and walked off the stage, then left the castle.
"What's her problem?" asked GIRmaniaz124.
"Bahh, she doesn't know jack sh*t." answered Flannery.
08/06/09 at 18:34Charizard Master:
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Arceus creating in HeartGold and SoulSilver189 views07/29/09 at 21:34Charizard Master: That's unfair! Will you go back on?
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