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Marley and Shaymin117 viewsLet it be known that on February 8th, I obtained Shaymin! To celebrate, it's a flood of Marley fanart(that I didn't make), because she's Shaymin's biggest fan(I'm totally not using this as an excuse to post Marley fanart, if that's what you're thinking)!

This one has her eyes the wrong color, but the fact that Marley and Shaymin are sharing a pic together is just too awesome.
06/03/09 at 20:06*fire_bush*: I love Shaymin
Blamikashipping 1094 views06/02/09 at 20:54Malakai: I realize that this is a longshot, but I don't...
Swimsuits3063 views05/27/09 at 16:25SatoHaruLuver: Wow.... 1900 views!
Swimsuits3063 views05/27/09 at 00:58Charizard Master: Jeez. Misty and May looks better then Jessie. :rol...
Swimsuits3063 views05/26/09 at 20:23SatoHaruLuver: .
Deoxys - Speed35 viewsType: Pyschic
Power Rating: 97/100
05/26/09 at 17:44SatoHaruLuver: Awesome Pokèdex! I can't believe you have 763 ...
crystal and sapphire58 views05/26/09 at 17:29SatoHaruLuver: Awesome!
158 views05/26/09 at 17:29SatoHaruLuver: Awesome! I don't have Emerald, I have Diamond ...
Ash lose162 views05/23/09 at 17:48KawaiiKiwi: I does in the Sinnoh Region.
Tranpinch Dance106 views05/23/09 at 01:05AngryGermanKid: Gehen Sie jetzt weg! (Now go away!)
Tranpinch Dance106 views05/22/09 at 05:16Mr.lolz: Whoa, another troll, how on Earth did you find a p...
PPN Chronicles the Movie episode 5687 views05/18/09 at 03:32ArmedDragoon: Luke Atmey is relevant again? Thought that guy wou...
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