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Notice.78 viewsDo not read what you cannot accept.12/22/06 at 05:20Violis: See your last goodbyes to Violis. BECAUSE TEH TWIL...
Hikari93 views12/20/06 at 10:08Violis: Sweet!
Misty forest.jpg
Hidden Lake74 viewsA small hidden lake located in the middle of the forest of mist. This is where all the mist originates from, thus explaining why is it highly misty in this area. The water is warm aswell, indication a volcano can be lying under. Aside from that, it is a quiet and peaceful place. 12/15/06 at 14:51Violis: May rps in Gaia?.....ohwell.
toph426 viewsMore Ikarishipping! Halloween style! 12/15/06 at 14:47Violis: (Just what 'needs' was she talking about, anyways?...
toph426 viewsMore Ikarishipping! Halloween style! 12/13/06 at 15:07Violis: Nice....to a certain degree...
Latidog sprite challenge submission by Keppo79 viewsRequested by hao girl12/12/06 at 15:29Violis: 2d-lisious
demon realm62 viewsah the semi-apocalyptical dimension that is the demon realm. it has two moons; smaller than ours. the moons are what causes all this chaos.12/10/06 at 18:00Violis: I hate you, Kan. How much time did it take you do ...
karaa again60 viewsdecided to draw her awhile ago.....12/10/06 at 17:33Violis: How do you draw the hands? I always have problems ...
white-echo55 viewsa giant 4 winged pheonix..im too lazy to type up its story but because of its migrational patterns and its "need to be a king" it fights with the dragon black-echo every few hundred years12/10/06 at 17:32Violis: I love it!
88 views12/09/06 at 15:53Violis: You girls and your pokemon....*sigh*
pokemon ppl1354 views-wdg12/09/06 at 13:36Violis: I guess...
pokemon ppl1354 views-wdg12/09/06 at 13:29Violis: lol. It happens. See, Pokemon was not meant for us...
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