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Girl.24 viewsRandom pic. I have decided she is a secretary. Feb 02, 2007
The Last Twilight of the 200657 views2006 was one of the years I had to endure. Therefore, I hate it. Jan 01, 2007
Magic!25 viewsI was performing a magic trick for my cousin. (right)
Made a card vanish. ^^
Jan 01, 2007
myself again...45 viewsthis time I took a picture using the mirror.^^Jan 01, 2007
...38 views...Dec 31, 2006
...54 views...Dec 31, 2006
"Simba"36 viewsThats what his called. It rained alot yesturday so the entire area became muddy, thus giving it a desert kinda look. It does look ugly though...Dec 31, 2006
Weapon #136 viewsThis is officially Twilight Shadow's start off weapon. When TS awoke, the sword was already by his side. How it came to him is still a mystery.Dec 24, 2006
TS more.jpg
TS (better ver.)63 viewsI'm too lazy to apply the coloring, but this is a more detailed pic than the first one. Dec 23, 2006
TS nocolor.jpg
TS53 viewsJust, you know....me.Dec 21, 2006
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