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amy express.PNG
the sonic express XD41 viewsthis is what i use for my profile background on www.youtube.com where i make my dubs. It's a fun pic so i uploaded it here too. X3
amy red and black.JPG
Red and black actually62 viewsNot from CD3 this is amy as seen in red in black. (my psyguy fanart)
Amy! ^.^42 viewshere's amy! - Mew lover
Amy Lee40 viewsThis is Amy Lee from Evanescence. Kinda messed up on her hair, but oh well.
cute sonamy.PNG
Sonamy beach40 viewsnew sonamy. Yeah, I'm a sonamy fan. Sue me. no wait don't sue me. Im broke.
pervy sonuc.JPG
*Gasp* Sonic! 0.0 (version two)52 viewsheheheh.....
Sonic and Amy.JPG
Sonic and amy180 viewsAmy used to look similar to sonic see?
Sonic kiss.JPG
Sonic Kiss120 views first kiss - Mew lover
Sonic love70 views
Sonic and Amy47 viewscute couple - Mew lover
Sonic's little problem128 viewsDrawn by CaptRicoSakara

Artist's DA account: http://captricosakara.deviantart.com

Ah... imagine all the things Amy has planned for Sonic... @.@
Squealing fan.JPG
Squealing fan149 viewsamy! - Mew lover
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