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Alternate Sonic + Eggman83 viewsnow kids, tell me all the differences between regular Sonic and his alternative-verse, Blaze, and you get a cookie!

If you find the alternative-verse Eggman, I'll give you 2 cookies! Cheers!
Flannery130 viewsHmmm

Flanneryblaze Deviantart
Sonic VS Blaze213 viewsSonic VS Blaze. Drawn by Mana from teamartail.com
Ash fire.JPG
Ash toa Pok'e of fire631 viewsThis is ash the ton pok'e of fire.he brave stronge and smart.his Disk of blaze can burn anything that it touches.His mask can be use for surviving in exereme heats and the sun's lava.
Dragonblaze Jirachi.JPG
Dragonblaze Jirachi254 viewsA mighty member of the Jirachi family. It uses its strong fiery tail to attack foes. The gem on its forehead represents it is a relative to the Coldgem Jirachi. The two stalks on its head contain magical energies, charging the Pokemon as it sleeps.--Latias Lover!
Flannery56 viewsFlanneryblaze Deviantart
Flannery chibi40 viewsFlanneryblaze deviant
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