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here yo go148 viewsStewie: the two gun women are ready for action.
Stewie gives Tea and Missy to CharizardMaster192 viewsStewie: *with a hppy face* here ya go Cmaster you big man. *then Frowns* Devil, I know it was you who imped me saying bad things to my best friend F29, and you imped him in an apology to LukeAtmey for what F29 DIDN'T do! I'm glad PPNsteve deactivated the comment poster because you are a Jerk!
3 last form starters of evil42 viewsI'm just being random.

+ I ascended up the spriter chain
POKEMON Charizard evepe 喷火龙1689 viewsPOKEMON Charizard evepe 喷火龙
Aaron embarrassed185 viewsHAHA
What the F*ck is this?!274 viewsDo you think its funny to watvh innocent people like ash getting torchered or tied up against their will.I SAY IT SUCKS!!!!!!

F * c k Broly
and screw you Flannery haters like ShadowX991 and D_mitzon
Here ya girls CharizardMaster54 views- Stewie

Stewie:I got you the gals
Gojis offer to C.Master232 viewsbad girls bad girls what che gonna do when I come for you?
Blastzard204 viewsFusion of Bastoise and Charizard
Caterzard158 viewsFusion of Caterpie and Charizard
CharizardMaster and Flannerys vacation to the bahamas209 viewsShin: well well well, isnt it the very cute and hot gym leader and her best fan/bodyguard?
Boltia: we come here every winter.
Flannery: CMaster I wanna Ice cream.
CharizardMaster: Coming right up!
Charizard rewards148 viewsF29: my good firend.
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