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aggroth vs machonn2500 viewsa new pic celebrating my return on ppn!
aggroth vs machonn63 viewsa pic to celebrate my return on ppn
Merry Christmas93 viewsAn early Christmas pic because sooner or later il forget!
merry christmas426 viewsyeah merry christmas =^.^=(from-wdg)
Happy (Greek) Easter308 viewsF29: Greek easter is alot diffrent from the American easter, because I'm Orthidox Christian. On Saturday night, I went to church at 11:00-12:15 doing a service in the son of God's resurrection.
Lyrics: Christ is risen from the dead. By death, trampling down on death... I can't remember the rest, HAPPY (greek) EASTER!
a lil_ comic.JPG
a lil' comic409 viewsits a comic
anti faires.jpg
antie faries57 viewssorta anyway
Blazetroctal v.s. Blazedactyl.JPG
Blazetorctal v.s. Blazeadactyl890 viewsread 2 learn
Scythikien, Klekkliokure, and Latto redone.53 viewsJust like ergentop, dragive, blah blah blah you know the deal. i re-did old crappy sprites into new fresh ones.
my new book61 viewsinspired by ppn sprite mods.
Chaos ace master.jpg
Chaos Ace Master85 viewsa skull-floating ghost thingy
charquazard393 viewsone of my best sprites! pixel by pixel!
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