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Dr. Mario sprites131 viewsF29 I thought since Dr. mrio didn't have a sprite sheet I find one and I did! these are awesome but I didn't make and don't know who did.
Dr. Baragon Van Horn18 viewsDr. Baragon: Hi I'm Dr...you get it. For 20 years I have been a great doctor such a Dr. House. So Im just here to assist Dr. Mario incase of extremly hard cases.
Dr. Mario presents83 viewsHikari in my medical practice.
I think, the illness am called
lovesickness (Infectus Amor)

Hikari zur Untersuchung bei mir.
Ich vermute die Krankeit
Dr. Mario presents29 viewsPokémon
"Dr. Mario edition"
Dr. Mario presents49 viewsIt's a Yu-gi-Oh - Card of the colleague Dr. Ash Ketchum.
He is Doctor for Pokémon- and Humanmedicine.
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