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Maril and togepi360 views-Amber
199 viewsthats a fark you!
togepi and pikachu48 viewsits supposed to move...does it?
vulpix!...and togepi...102 views-Amber
Epirock76 viewsMy own custom Pokemon. DO NOT STEAL!
Epivine62 viewsThe evoled Form of epirock. DO NOT STEAL!
an Epic Darkness40 viewsan Epic Darkness is an event that terrible tragedy's occur. Giratina will rise from the cave from once he was banished to and unleash plagues on mankind. The Bubonic Plague in Europe was one of them and another one was the one in summer of 2007. Epic Darknesses occur in the Winter and Summers of certain years because earth changes distance from the sun, expect spring and autumn because earth is in equal distance. The last Epic Darkness is excepted to be on 12/21/2012 I think.
Banned Episode made into a funny comic1285 viewsLaugh at this
!!!WTF!!!!95 viewsUh..yeah...crazy story.....I was lookin' through Phantom Kansaibou pics and saw his faces pic... and well..I had a very devilish...idea..-_- I added Deus and his Neodammerus form in Kans Humaniod Project thingy....I couldn't make them the exact size and well I failed...Please Kan if your reading please don't sue me...I was just having a little fun... Durgghhhh....
Jolteon11 viewsand togepi^^
Pikachu and Togepi73 views-Amber
Pokemon Ranger: Tracks of Light Episodes56 viewsFinally, the official site has announced that in addition to the Ranger: Tracks of Light special episodes scheduled to air on Pokémon Sunday on February 28th & March 7th, there is to be an episode in the main anime featuring the main character from the games as well as the Legendary Pokémon, Heatran. This episode is set to air on March 18th.
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