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Excel Punch!!!81 viewsExcel beats up something. Looks like another girl.
Brockeevee & Brockeeveelutions30 views3 words: COMPLETE(and) TOTAL RANDOMNESS!!
ExpoManga25 views
Chibi-Deus33 viewsA mini version of me!!!!
Darkness15 views A gun I created called Darkness, It is a rapid- fire pistol that carries unlimited ammo. It goes along with DemonBane, so only I can use it...^^
DeusEXmachyna(neodammerus)23 viewsWell...I can't say i'm proud of how I did so i'll consider it a rough draft....for now and redesign from there.... so yeah here are Deus's powers in this form..
Deus being a Neodammerus can use the power of darkness and shadow. He can fly (duh), his body is made out of material that can make his body extend to great lengths. he pocessess god-like speed and strength and his body is nearly indestructible in many cases. few can rival his power. If I overpowered him it's because its his final form in the works
My logo and insignia22 viewsThis a Insignia I designed strictly for my self hope you all enjoy it..
DeusPic20 viewsThis is me..... pretty much.....
Deus profiles18 viewsThese are profile close ups of Deus: Front, Right ,Left, and Back. So yeah you get the point.. I will be making more of these later.
DeusEXmachyna-wings sprites30 viewsThis Deus's flight/Phantomic wings form sprites if you saw Oban Star-racers you would understand where I got the from. (I did not rip off Spirit!!!) but ya enjoy and remember don't steal my work and claim as your own...Thanx!!!!
Deus's preQ&A16 viewsAlso please put your questions in the comment section (duh) of for F29 you may draw a picture and ask me. I cannot guaruntee al questions will be answered but I will try....
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