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Gengar Cup170 viewsPhoto of Gengar Cup Competition, Hong Kong Pokemon Alliance

PS: HKPMA=Hong Kong PokeMon Alliance
Gengar Cup product1180 viewsNot done by me! ==
Gengar Cup product3137 viewsNot done by me neither!!
Gengar Cup product4157 viewsGood!
But Not done by me neither!!
Gengar Cup product6172 views...Not done by me!!
Gengar Cup product7135 viewsDefinately not mine!
Gengar Cup product8116 viewsDefinately not mine! -____-|||
5th Gen Starter Pokémon115 viewsDuring the Pokémon Sunday episode of May 9th 2010, the silhouettes of the three Starter Pokémon of Black and White were revealed. These silhouettes are to be uncovered during CoroCoro's June edition due May 15th 2010 and Pokémon Sunday's episode airing May 16th 2010.
5th gen. starters REVEALED!137 viewsThe Grass Starter, Tsutaja (ツタージャ) is the Grass Snake Pokémon
The Fire Starter, Pokabu (ポカブ)is the Fire Pig Pokémon
The Water Starter, Mijumaru (ミジュマル) is the Sea Otter Pokémon
Pokemon Advance Generation326 viewsCool pic I found on a site... wonderful isn't it? *sigh*... if only Drew was in it... oh well... and this pic is from DxM fg! (erm... if u don't know who I am, that's short 4 my real screen name "DrewxMay fangirl".. hope that helps!)
Arceuses Judgement Pebble 51 viewsJudgement Pebble
"さばきのつぶて" meaning "A Stone of the Judgement"

The user releases countless shots of light (-_-). Its type varies with the kind of Plate the user is holding (^^).

At first I thought how a tiny rock can cause such damage, then the games and anime made it look like Super Buus Genocide attack. So I'm sticking with the pebble of judgement.

The four green jewels on the wheel shine one at a time. When all four shine, the wheel glows. Arceus creates a shining pebble from the streak of gold on his head, then shoots the pebble to strike the foe.

Arceus will say what move he'll use before launching any attack. In a soft wispy voice with a touch of echo.

And this pebble can obliterate even a statue made of gold, silver, bronze, iron, and clay. So DON'T toy with the pebble. And it's (Ar-see-us) still.
Charizard sprites282 viewsI would have uploaded these sooner but my computer had memory problems and kept freezing up on me. I did these for a game called MUGEN (look it up i'm not going to bother telling you...) I wasn't done with this but thanks to my computer it's done now.. hope you all enjoy and give credit to me and Nintendo and the Pokemon company if used. Thanx!!!
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