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The First Intel® Inside Pokémon!!!165 viewsThe First Intel® Inside Pokémon: Latios!!!
- Intel® Slot
- Intel® Centrino® Optimised Wings
- Latest Wi-Fi Router
Windows XP Ad143 viewsWindows XP Ad: Yes You Can

My Hero, Emperor Palpatine, In The Flesh!16 viewsEmperor Palpatine, Late Founder of the Former Galactic Empire: pray for us...
The Eclipse: the Emperor's Tricked-Out Flight14 viewsMy late hero, Emperor Palpatine (perhaps his clone), used to own it, but someday, it shall be mine...
Pokemon Prisoners Page 3 (end)525 viewsF29: I went to Super Tails Heroes site and found this, he says that he didn't put this on DeviantArt because his fans would hate him. Its quite funny though.
Rukario and the Wave Guiding Hero.JPG
Rukario and the Wave Guiding Hero255 viewsIt took me minutes!--Latias Lover!
sonic heroes.JPG
Sonic heroes60 viewsA pic of Sonic heroes.-Mew lover
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