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Max and Jirachi2490 viewsMax and Jirachi
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Bluefire Jirachi.JPG
Bluefire Jirachi619 viewsThis is another member of the Jirachi Family. It shoots fire out from its back like a Cyndaquil does when it prepares for battle, or gets angry. The feathery design on its forehead represents it as a male. This Pokemon throws blue firebolts at foes with great power.--Latias Lover!
Catch us if you can107 viewsThe 4 Pokemon you probably won't get without cheating.
Coldgem Jirachi.JPG
Coldgem Jirachi306 viewsAnother Member of the Jirachi Family. It fires ice-cold blasts of water onto the foe, freezing it. It has a beautiful gem in its forehead. A long blue tail extended from it gracefully.
Deochi279 viewsAn ultra powerful Pokemon!
Deochi227 viewsHeres a bigger pic of Deochi
Dragonblaze Jirachi.JPG
Dragonblaze Jirachi256 viewsA mighty member of the Jirachi family. It uses its strong fiery tail to attack foes. The gem on its forehead represents it is a relative to the Coldgem Jirachi. The two stalks on its head contain magical energies, charging the Pokemon as it sleeps.--Latias Lover!
Emperor Jirachi457 viewsThis is the ruler and creator of all Jirachis. It uses its faerie-like wings to fly and glide, while the beautiful fire decorating its head zaps foes with strong bolts of fire.
The Ultimate PKMN family tree392 viewsI could be accurate.
Finwing Jirachi.JPG
Finwing Jirachi216 viewsAnother member of the Jirachi Family. It uses its wings to fly throughout the world. When it spots food it dives underwater, tucking its tail close to it. It uses its fins on its head to swim and the tail will help it not to sink.
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