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What the kaiju think of the pic TIed_Gagged uploaded with the 64 girls50 viewsSWEET MONKEY JESUS!
PPNs Kaiju against LukeAtmey49 viewsShin: If you want to rule PPN, you'll have to face my powerful kaiju.
CBall Sleazeball12 viewsThe Married Man. Life has not been kind to C-Ball. Already saddled with the burden of being associated with Shin-Goji, C-Ball is also a husband and a father. He's had to give up his days of punk rock and Danzig worship, but he's traded them in for a glorious sunset of Slim Shady and Marshall Mathers. No clowns down here. Since he's married, he also gets laid more than any of the other Toxic Pirates combined.
Prophecy #237 viewsGodzilla, the kaiju, and all of the armys of man will battle the Quintana Empire to prevent its crappy World Domination and deliver world peace.
Grendel15 viewsThe Smuggler. This voodoo lovin', tequila drinkin' Stormtrooper in one of the best miniature painters around. This guy is a bigger lecher than any of the other Toxic Pirates, and will probably end up in jail long before Shin-Goji does. By the way, he really does hate it when you ask him, "Aren't you a little short for a Stormtrooper?"
Happy New year!!!!200742 viewsFrom twisted kaiju theater
Moguera Marius9 viewsThe Wheelman. Bidibidibidi! Another of Shin-Goji's friends reduced to Twikki from Buck Rogers. Also a long-suffering victim of Shin-Goji's bullshit, he buries himself in his Taekwondo, his motorcycle, and his vinyl women.
Shin-Goji17 viewsThe Bootlegger. Shin-Goji founded Neo-Monster Island on August 11th, 2000. From his lair of bootleg vinyl and molested theater exclusives, he has waged a one-man war against the world of Godzilla Fandom and web comics in general.
Space-Hojo18 viewsThe Ghost Writer. Space Hojo is Shin-Goji's long suffering roomate. A true soul brother, he'd much rather listen to some Led Zepplin or Steely Dan than torture his delicate ears with the crap spewn out over the radio, especially rap and pop. Space Hojo contributes heavily to the development of Twisted Kaiju Theater
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