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My Friends459 viewsKan and Hao girl by Shadow Fox
kan and i .154 viewsKan and i together in our creature forms talking and i think we look cool.^-^ By shadow fox
Anon and Kansaibou broke up24 viewsbefore the Final Conflict, Anon and Phantom Kansaibou decided to break up.
263 viewsAsh will return to kanto in his hoenn outfit and his all evolved pokemon and arceus after the Diamond and pearl saga.
A & K 4ever 37 viewsAlex and Kristl forever, just cause they are so damn cute D:< XD
After, what? 2 years? Whatever, they are so cute together =^^=

I drew this awhile ago and uploaded it on DA but never posted it here >.>
Ekans and Pidgey39 views-Amber
Isshu region scan80 viewsIt's far away from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh. So what do you think?
Kan (chaos) 0.JPG
Kan the Chaos39 viewsFor Kan. - Keppo
kan and shadow fox in love..jpg
Kan and shadow fox.180 viewskan and shadow fox at a sunset.....well what do u expect me to dance the acocoratcha!.....i think it is sweet.
reposted for kan40 viewshe said the colors looked GIF like, so I re-editted it for him.
kandrakareans55 views
Kangaskid165 viewsJust the baby that's in the pouch
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