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000028.jpg77 viewspikachu was amazed by a helcopter the gold light spryer sperd on mewoth and pikachu
000065.jpg353 viewsi got parchu! that's my favroiroet thing.
000096.jpg328 viewseltrive in in amracin name is in the pokemon espiode.
Raikou HGSS sprite132 views
Entei HGSS sprite94 views
Suicune HGSS sprite139 views
Lugia HGSS sprite109 views
Ho-oh HGSS sprite180 views
Arceuses Judgement Pebble 51 viewsJudgement Pebble
"さばきのつぶて" meaning "A Stone of the Judgement"

The user releases countless shots of light (-_-). Its type varies with the kind of Plate the user is holding (^^).

At first I thought how a tiny rock can cause such damage, then the games and anime made it look like Super Buus Genocide attack. So I'm sticking with the pebble of judgement.

The four green jewels on the wheel shine one at a time. When all four shine, the wheel glows. Arceus creates a shining pebble from the streak of gold on his head, then shoots the pebble to strike the foe.

Arceus will say what move he'll use before launching any attack. In a soft wispy voice with a touch of echo.

And this pebble can obliterate even a statue made of gold, silver, bronze, iron, and clay. So DON'T toy with the pebble. And it's (Ar-see-us) still.
Arceus creating in HeartGold and SoulSilver185 views
BDP old intro18 viewsMade this intro a LONG time ago...its less than average but oh well...this to also loops so..yeah...enjoy
Coldgem Jirachi.JPG
Coldgem Jirachi306 viewsAnother Member of the Jirachi Family. It fires ice-cold blasts of water onto the foe, freezing it. It has a beautiful gem in its forehead. A long blue tail extended from it gracefully.
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