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Originshipping296 viewsDaigo x Mikuri
What the?520 viewsWhats Flannery doing in the Hall of Origin?
Original Deux pic30 viewsNew Deux
Made by KAZEcoyote as a B-day gift and Art-Trade
Original Cartoon Network Logo70 viewsWhy did they change such a nostalgic logo :(
my Pkmn OC: Seth66 viewsWhen people looked at my DeviantART gallery, there's a folder saying "Pokemon OC" that hasn't had a deviation, until now. Everyone, meet my original characer, Seth! One day I'll get his basic bio up soon.
Seth is owned by me.
FireRed pose by nitendo.
I Care (READ DESCRIPTION)72 viewsGirlKirby was having a project and I was called to say "ENOUGH HATE!!!" http://girlkirby.deviantart.com/journal/Attention-everyone-292893857

So here's my pokemon OC Seth - after a long time - and his friend, Maria, from Johto http://kasaibou.deviantart.com/journal/OC-meme-244740192 . This isn't exactly how I wanted to introduce her, but I think this can work.

I wish this was called "We care."

I thought of others joining like commentgirl, endless-summer181, agufanatic98, andForestHymn.
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