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262 viewsAsh will return to kanto in his hoenn outfit and his all evolved pokemon and arceus after the Diamond and pearl saga.
238 views-wdg
pokemon pearl version171 views
What kids commented about Yoshi vs Torso168 views
Dawn/Hikari sprites76 viewsMan... It took me 6 full hours to make these...I made these because Dawn is my favorite charracter in pokemon thats all... anyway the walking phases aren't to good. But I'm not good at making chracters that are not my own so yeah.....I may update this sheet later....and make more..... Dawn/Hikari/Pearl is copyright of Nintendo and the Pokemon company... Please give credit to me and said companies if used... thanks
dp party 00353 views
Flannery ID card in Diamond Pearl132 viewslove it
shiny starter pokemon diamond/pearl124 views
pokemon pearl104 views
Ash and Hikari227 views
IN THE MOVIE!!!!!!! OMG!!! *Dawns falling and ash grabs her hand**THEN THERE HANDS SLIP!!!!* MUHAHAHA sorry......211 viewsseeing this pic is weird casue I am an obsessed Ikarishipper and Contestshipper, and I hate advaceshipping a lot, which means I also love ships that break them apart and are anti advaceshipping. and that means pearlshipping is one of them, but then at the same time i am an ikarishipper o_0. Gezz I love this pic cause I am a contestshipper, but I dislike this pic, cause I am an ikarishipper. Weird. I also wonder what kengo's reaction would be if he saw this. Poor Poor Kengo.
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