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Covenent_Zero's big announcement.69 viewsIt is I Covenent_Zero or my real name Jod Ezericho , Captain of the elite honor guard. Telling you in order to fix the monstrsity comics series called PPN chronicles, I will be making my own PPN Pixel Art series called PPN chronicles: Zero Hour, featuring yours truly most of the members on AVGDID and the idoits Quintanna, Charitardmaster, and Failure29 which will be releaed between the 20th-25th of july. Its Zero hour.....
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Adobe Reader Icon354 viewsThe Adobe Reader icon
Freakin' awesome dino-godzilla thing128 viewsThis is the most freakin' awesome Dinosaur thing I ever saw. Just look at it. What a freakin' Bamph. LOLZ!
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