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Seven incredible albino animals in world251 viewsIsn't it amazing how the Creator fashioned His creation.
1. Axolotl
2. Hedgehog
3. Koala
4. Sea turtle
5. Cobra
6. Bat
7. Lobster
Lapras My buddy403 viewsa lapras on the sea
What we think70 viewswe think that Anng in Avatar season 3 will learn Firebending from Flannery
Stewie's message for the creators of Avatar the last airbender for making the third season soooo LATE25 viewsstewie:What the hell is taking sooo long,I thought it was suppose to be aired on the 21st of june AKA the first day of Summer,The whole damn season was about Anng kicking the ass of Ozai, the *** who threw Zuko out of the country for disrespect, after for many apologizes, he Scared him,only a *** would do that,Ive also had a dream that I killed Ozai with a pistol,then that no good Azula had to shoot me in the back,then when I healed and woke up,I saw her and her brother having ***** on the throne...
Stewies other message18 viewsstewie:Brian told me that Avatar is made in South Korea and voiced in the US,I think its stupid.So next week I'm going to SK to do My BIDING,
Seablueum14 viewsThe reason that it's Seablueum and not Seabluum is because I thought the double "u"s would look funny, so I inserted the "e".

The red eyes do make it look slightly off, I'll change that someday when I don't feel lazy.

Marill and Umbreon
PPN XMas Card743 viewsOur Christmas card.

From PPN to ALL of you!
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