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Akito Sohma38 viewsAkito Sohma. He is the God of the Zodiac animals.
Ayame Sohma127 viewsAyame Sohma, the snake. He is Yuki's older brother. He ignored Yuki when Yuki was a child, and Yuki now hates Ayame. But now, all Ayame wants to do is to have there relationship grow. He also runs his own dress shop, with his own designs of the clothing.
Hatori Sohma21 viewsFinally some Furuba pics, here is Hatori Sohma.
Hatsuharu Sohma22 viewsHatsuharu Sohma. He is the cow. He has to sides, White haru, the nice, calm one, and Black Haru, the dangerous and violent side of Hatsuharu.
Hiro Sohma11 viewsHiro Sohma, the sheep. He is a little brat who seems to love Kisa Sohma, but he is very jealous of the time Tohru and Kisa spend together...and wants Tohru gone.
Kagura Sohma20 viewsKagura Sohma, a girl who loves Kyo, and can be a bit of a psychopath when it comes to love. She will make Kyo love her, and marry her, even if she must kill him for that to happen. :shock:
Kisa Sohma24 viewsHere Kisa is, I think she can be adorable at times, but she is very shy also, I dispise the one who loves her, the sheep.
Kyo Sohma23 viewsHere Kyo Sohma is, he reminds me most of myself, he is in the forgotten year of the Cat.
Momiji Sohma26 viewsMomiji Sohma, the rabbit. He wear womens clothes because he likes them better apparently. He enjoys being with Tohru very, very much. But his past is very sad, his mother left him behind...or has she?
Ritsu Sohma13 viewsRitsu Sohma, the monkey. He beleives he is a waste of life, and is just a burden for everyone to bare that is around him. He wears womens clothes because it helps comfort him with his insecurities. He also wants to be just like Ayame Sohma.
Shigure Sohma31 viewsHere is the one everyone has been waiting for, Shigure Sohma. He is the dog, a preverted one that is. he took Tohru in, and he lives with Yuki and Kyo. He loves company of yung high school girls, and he is a author. He is a very funny man.
Yuki Sohma20 viewsYuki Sohma, the rat. Yuki is a womans man and he is very polite, to a fault. But he has a few self-esteem issues, and he is quite gentle and kind, especially when it comes to Tohru.
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