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characters65 viewsSome characters from Super smash bros brawl
differences48 viewsdifferences between graphics
Link amd Mario.JPG
Link's new power29 viewsLink has a new power
Link26 viewsA picture of the new link
Mario35 viewsMario's new look
Metaknight vs link.JPG
Metaknight vs link32 viewsWho will win
Metaknight44 viewsHe is a new character in SSBB
Metaknight (SSBB style)95 viewsyes sorry it took so long guys.... I been working on a preview of the NinjamanZ game and ohter flash stuff so you'll have to be paitent for the next charcater Its hard being both DeusExmachyna: MUGEN junkie and BattleDragon Gargonis...... so please bu paitent these things take time... Also I don't own Metaknight Nintendo and Hal. do.
More charcters.JPG
Characters of SSBB34 views
new area.JPG
New stage18 viewsa new stage from SSBB
Nitendog item.JPG
New Item28 viewsThe nitendog is an item in SSBB
Pikachu and Kirby.JPG
Pikachu and Kirby26 viewsfrom SSBB
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