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The albino Charizard

A millennium ago, rumor has it, that Charizards of enormous strength inhabited the great Volcanic Ridges of the Candent Islands. There, the island Charizards were not of the average breed of Charizards... Legends, have been told by humans residing on the mainland, where the Candent islands was located some 100 miles next too, of Charizards that flew... through the water!

Fishermen back then, told stories of great red dragons swimming under their boats, hunting whales and large fish, to bring back to feed their clans back on the Candent Islands... Their giant wingspans allowed them to glide through the water with great speed. Often the Charizards will swim and hunt in groups of seven, leading the pack was an enormous albino Charizard, more then 11' feet in height. A Charizard so powerful, that it is believed to have killed a Gyarados, in the serpents own environment...

Many Pokemon scientists are quick to dismiss this legend, as false. Stating that no existing Charizard, is able to survive once its tail flame has been extinguish. They're forgetting, given the current situation and time, that Pokemon are able to adapt to possibly any conditions that affect their lives...

Why the Candent Islands Charizards in particular? Studies, have been shown, and backed by villagers stories and tales, that around one and a half millennium ago, a mass migration of Charizards and their pre-evolution clan, from the mainland to the Candent Islands took place, to escape the over-whelming Zubat infestations on the mainland... There the Charizards found paradise in the many active Volcano's of the Island, and feasted on the great populations of the original pokemon inhabitants of the island, that were to weak to fend for themselves from the sheer might of a Charizard...

The Charizard clan lived happily on the Island for nearly half of a millennium, before they over-hunted the original island Pokemon to extinction! Entire clans of fire lizards starved, most Charizards tried to make a vain attempt to cross the hundred miles that separated the mainland from the island, often times, carrying their families of Charmeleons and Charmanders with them. They proved to weak from the lack of nourishment, to make the trip though, and many of the fire lizards perished in the open seas...

Stranded, it seemed all was hopeless for the doomed Charizard clan, but one Charizard refused to see his great clan die of starvation! Realizing, that they have wiped out all living Pokemon on the island to feed on. The Charizard looked to sea, and the many creatures that inhabit it. This Charizard was not the average fire dragon; he was indeed the strongest and the most intelligent of the entire clan of Candent Island Charizards, and possibly of all Charizards in the world...

The mighty Charizard, seeing the only way to survive, is for him to adapt, and adapting meant to try to find some way to extinguish it's tail flame, without facing death. Somehow, maybe through meditation and great concentration, the Charizard overcame the tail flame weakness, and emerged through the ordeal as the world's first "flameless" Charizard. It is also believed that because the Charizard was able to accomplish such a feat, the Charizard turned albino, representing the power of a candent flame...

The albino Charizard, arrived in time to save his clan, they have now withered down to nothing but skin and bone, their tail flames so weak, that a strong gust of wind was surely enough to do them in... With the sense of urgency the albino charizard immediately flew high into the air, and then took it's first monumental dive into the sea. Bringing back the carcass of a slashed up Gyarados in it's first hunt in the open seas, to nourish his starving clan...

The Charizard clan, has now seen its way through their worst disaster and survived... Later on, the albino would teach other Charizards the way to extinguish their tail flames, but it proved to difficult for most. Only Six other Charizards were able to overcome the tail flame weakness. Now the albino and the six Charizards, were the sole hunters for the entire clan, because there were much bigger game in the sea, only seven Charizards were needed to feed their entire clan.

The fire lizard clan thrived on sea food, for nearly 300 hundred years, until the worst Volcanic disaster known to mankind occurred... It was a warm summer night under a full moon, when the Candent islands started to violently shake, and in a blink of an eye. The largest volcano of the island, believed to be dormant, awoken in a cataclysmic blast, that totally destroyed the Cadent Island leaving nothing but a giant crater that once was an island, and killed the entire inhabitant Charizard clan. Except for one, the albino Charizard happened to be out on a midnight swim, when the eruption happened...

Like a missile through the water, the albino Charizard, shot out from underneath the sea, once it heard the eruption. Only to witness that everything it had ever known and loved...destroyed! A loud cry from the albino Charizard, could be heard all the way to the peoples of the mainland, followed by a white hot flame shot up a mile high... After some vain searches, by the Charizard, for any surviving members... It eventually gave up, and with a last faint cry, the albino Charizard flew away, never to be seen again...

Some say, the albino Charizard may have taken its own life away shortly after learning that all of his clan members have perished in the cataclysmic eruption. Or that it's either living in deep in some remote section of the rain forest, being the cause of mysterious forest fires. Or that, it's living in some coastal cave, spending its life hunting in the oceans of the world... Over Seven hundred years have gone by, and not one single sighting of the great albino fire dragon has been confirmed. But I, Draco Cinders along with the group that I've assembled, am determined to find and capture, the legendary albino Charizard!

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Charizard Master   [Apr 06, 2008 at 12:44 AM]
Interesting. Cool

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