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all my sprites

21 files, last one added on Jun 11, 2007
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Dragon album

hello motheer!.jpg

A bunch of old style crap drawing, new and better updated ones coming soon.

7 files, last one added on Aug 27, 2005
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chris & friends


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Last additions - chris man's Gallery
Cherfloon and Tortglame91 viewsThe title says it all. Yet another addition to the chris man sprite mods series. Also, i take requests. Please for the love of god give me some requests. I do recolors, multicolors, disguises, and fusions.Jun 11, 2007
Bronzong disguised as a drifblim324 viewsyay! more additions to the "chris man sprite mods" collection.Jun 10, 2007
Scythikien, Klekkliokure, and Latto redone.83 viewsJust like ergentop, dragive, blah blah blah you know the deal. i re-did old crappy sprites into new fresh ones.Jun 10, 2007
Pachisentret68 viewsAwhile ago, back when the shadow pic of pachirisu was revealed and i was not visiting this site too often, i thought, "hmm...a squirrel pokemon, they've never done that before, have they...Oh wait, sentret!" and didn't know which one was the better squirrel. So i decided to fuse em' together to eliminate that question. Aside from all that, I JUST FELT LIKE DOING IT!!Jun 10, 2007
Sharpedock, Prophasis, Dragive, and Charquazard Redone68 viewsjust like ergentop, i took these monstrosities and re-did them. AND ITS HELLA' FUN!!Jun 10, 2007
Ergentop Redone74 viewsRemember that horrible mutation of suicune machamp tentacruel metagross and ledian? Well i do, and strangely enough i decided to "redo" alot of my older mods just to see how much "mad skillz" i have. Also it could be considered a revamp.Jun 10, 2007
werstoh region starters52 viewsstarters for the third of my fan-made regions. hizzahJun 09, 2007
Sprite update64 viewsBoy oh boy, been workin on these babies since this morning. Have not done this in a long time...at least this didnt suck eggs like plocanexo or whatever it was.
official additions to the "chris man sprite mods" series
Jun 09, 2007