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Red Scorpion

Scizor copy.jpg

Just random pictures that i upload

12 files, last one added on Nov 18, 2005
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Scizor copy.jpg
Zantetsuken84 viewsmy ultimate pokemonNov 18, 2005
More weapons!62 viewsme with more weapons!Nov 18, 2005
multi mecha 2.JPG
Multi mecha 260 viewsthe second stance
it's back legs turn into wings and i can now stand on two legs and fly
Nov 11, 2005
multi mecha.JPG
Multi mecha56 viewsthe fusion of 6 mechas (bio mechanical alien weapon)Nov 11, 2005
Gaara101 viewsno, i didn't draw it.....Nov 06, 2005
Alien form (seth)69 viewsmy full alien form with my human form in the back ground.....dunno wat else to draw....
hope u like it!
Nov 04, 2005
Seth: finishing97 viewsme defeating my rival (not to the death)Oct 29, 2005
Chibi Seth66 viewsYay! ^^Oct 29, 2005