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Asuma pwning with his Trench Knives61 viewsThis is Asuma my favorite Jounin sensei off of Naruto. He uses the Wind Element combined with his Trench Knives to KILL opponents, if the battle between him Kisame Hoshigaki had gone on it would've been close but I think Asuma would've won. Now him and Hidan is another story...T-TFeb 17, 2007
Rock Lee88 views He scares the hell outta me...especially when he is drunk...................Rock Lee is a creepy monster person...*covers eyes*...Nov 28, 2006
Trinity Blood81 viewsI'm totally obsessed with this show...I love it...Nov 28, 2006
Dante70 viewsIt ish sooo ugly, it makes meh eyes bleed!Aug 19, 2006
Sloth68 views.......Aug 19, 2006
Homunculi67 views........Aug 19, 2006
Another Awesome Pic Of Sloth82 views^^Aug 19, 2006
Sloth64 viewsI love this pic of Sloth!Aug 19, 2006