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Resurrection of Journey

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Characters or scenes of Violis'es journey.

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Places Violis discovers while on his journey.

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Last additions - Violis's Gallery
Notice.89 viewsDo not read what you cannot accept.Dec 21, 2006
Misty forest.jpg
Hidden Lake84 viewsA small hidden lake located in the middle of the forest of mist. This is where all the mist originates from, thus explaining why is it highly misty in this area. The water is warm aswell, indication a volcano can be lying under. Aside from that, it is a quiet and peaceful place. Dec 08, 2006
Violis expressions.jpg
Violis looks.65 viewsI figured I needed to draw something like this so you guys can have a better visual understanding of Violis'es expressions.

I'll add more soon.
Dec 08, 2006
Fragment TU.png
Fragment61 viewsYou can't see whether it's a man or a woman and not much is known about him. Except that he keeps saying to Violis the same thing over and over again. He seems to be powerful, but doesn't know how to balance his powers at all. He also appears to Violis in his dreams and in front of people.Dec 05, 2006
Daisy Smirky.png
DD Zoom Out64 viewsI know, I know. I can do better. But this is alright for now. XPDec 05, 2006
Forest of Mist58 viewsA quiet and solitary forest where mist appears often.

Dec 05, 2006
D.D82 viewsIs 24 years old and yet acts imaturely. She doesn't take most things seriously and usually responds with mere sarcasm. However, she can be very decietful. She has mastered the arts of the ninja, samurai, and theif. Dec 03, 2006
Glace look in.~0.png
Violis.58 viewsViolis appears to be a 15 year old teen. He is usually quiet and calm, but can be violent and stuborn aswell. An unknown and yet divine presence can be sense when you are with him.Dec 03, 2006