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Username Emperor_Quintana
Status active
Joined Sep 28, 2007
Location Quintana Empire GHQ, Miami, FL, United States
Interests World domination, videogaming, and self-empowerment.
Website http://www.freewebs.com/theimperialchairman
Occupation Emperor; College Student (MDC Kendall Campus).
Biography I am the Emperor. I have a mission- a mission that no one could easily achieve. I have realized the reason on why people have given up their devious plans on world domination: despite their continuously foiled attempts to acquire global rule, they gave up on their careers as megalomaniacs. But I am not, nay, never like any of those reluctant quitters who have decided to hang their heads, renounce their careers, and turn themselves in. These hopeless, pathetic whelps couldn't even follow the old, lifelong adage: "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again". Instead, they've followed this pointless axiom: "Quit while you're ahead". How abnormal and unorthodox for a true evil genius to comprehend such a hopeless attempt to surrender. Only a true leader, such as I, can get the facts straight, build armies, maintain authority, use force (only whenever absolutely necessary), and have all of the most dominant & powerful qualities needed to prove unrivaled supremacy. This is why I, the High and Mighty Emperor, can prove that any worthy mortal, capable of pure dedication and of firm valor, can achieve unlimited supreme executive power, ironfisted or not, but only through deriving of a mandate from the masses!

So who says that you do not have to "lean on to your own understanding"?

Yours in favor of incorruptible, ironfisted Quintanization

Lazaro Quintana, Jr.

Emperor, Quintana Empire
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05/04/09 pm31 22:25No dice, Mama Luigi lover!

O o
/¯/___________________________ _ __/
| "IMMA FIRIN MAH (...) ¯ ¯¯\

I blame this format, yet it still needs more work.