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Username hao girl
Status active
Joined Jul 01, 2005
Location The southern end of the Demon Realm.
Interests anime, drawing, manga, taking care of Juneau
Website http://www.fanartcentral.net/user-hao_girl.php http://LatiWolf.deviantart.com/
Occupation high school student
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03/07/09 am31 04:04And yes, it was very popular at one time. But then it goes through this whole legal thing, had to change it's name, and everyone moved on to other sites. Now these n00bs are running it and wishing the oldies will come back, but, they never will. I just get one here to see how far your childish "hate" goes. (Yes, I AM LatiDog. I'm also RENT, and a few others.) And now I'm cleaning out my galleries. This place went downhill so fast. I almost want to be sad, but then I look at all of you. No sadness comes.