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Username iris
Status active
Joined Apr 02, 2007
Location the sacred land of the chibis, tyring to find chibi sora, as well thinking ideas of the fanfic..
Interests pokemon, inuyasha, naruto , anime, (so3 stuff ), (ffx) (fxii) (vp2 stuff), (t.o,s stuff) s.c.c , evangelion, sailor moon^_^, hanging around with my friends^^ play ssbm and t.o.s along other multyplayer games with them,,, and my fanfic of course^_^
Occupation (high school student)
Biography well im not goona bother to tell my name bacuse i named my rpc with my name so you may already know... yes im really fanatic form rpg games like,, tales of symphonia,, star ocean till the end of time,
valkyrie profile 2,, and etc etc.. but of course i do have life and and aslo enjoy multiplayer games to play with my freinds^__^ .. so thats it for now and yes i like to play volley ball as well tenis... yes i try to do something new soo i trying to write an fanfic about my characters^^ ,, oh yes im ,, umm kinda ,hyper/happy/carefree/random/shy...and umm .okay i admit it>.< sometimes i act just like a kid><! and yes, i have certain like for animes series like evangelion, sakura card captor, sailor moon^_^,,, one piece,. sailor moon is my second fav one.. .so dont bother anoying me>.<! i have already many problems, with the ppl who is comfusing my rpc with,,, an angelic sailor senshi >_> even tough i start to like it slowly tough<_>

game in the aim to buy:: valkyrie profile 2 silmeria, gears of wars,=D
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09/01/07 at 06:53*sigh* oh really? Rolling Eyes sorry about that, its just im not in mood right now