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Cutebone cubone offspring.JPG
CuteBone Cubone offspring400 viewsawww, Ain't e' cute? -Mew Lover
Pikachu with book435 viewsI done this just for you guys! I know you like Pokémons so I done this for ya! You see? I can do more kind of pics than Pokemon With Guns but the PWG pics are much funier to upload becuase Iäm not a Pokemon Fan really...

This pic took me about 15 minuted to do multiple sketches and the lineart.

And Pikachu sits at grass, It might look like Spikes but i really never tried to do grass, hehe =)

Enjoy this pic!

PS. I won't change my NickName just becuase this pic :)
Chibi Mew229 viewsthis was a Chibi mew drawing i did a while back
Cute Little Ratatta199 viewsI drew this and made it look like it has real fur
Cynthia76 views
Candice & Flannery104 viewsfire and ice
dani277 views
danny and sam657 views
dark demoneon fox.jpg
shaded demoneon fox.237 viewsIt is i.....actualy its is shadow fox now that i have been turned dark....because of .....of heart hake....it is that u feel the pain of a broken heart emotionwise but u allso feel real the pain..in a way the sader u get the more pain u feel so u get darker whith makes me stronger.^-^but it is bad for u.
Dark Eusine.JPG
Dark Eusine273 viewsThis is what happens when your life is nothing but nightmarish memories...You become a nightmare yourself
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