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Roxas + Sora144 viewsA mix of sora and roxas
Rukario and the Wave Guiding Hero.JPG
Rukario and the Wave Guiding Hero255 viewsIt took me minutes!--Latias Lover!
Rukario in the Ice Caps.JPG
Rukario in the Ice Caps229 viewsMew had returned with Pikachu, but where is it in the icy blizzard? Where is Rukario and Regice? Describe where they are and you win a secret prize.
New Legendary Pokemon-Ryoki91 viewsThis pokemon is found around tropical areas and prefers to be alone rather than around other pokemon. If it senses hostility or if it is frightened, this pokemon spreads it wings, ruffles its feathers, and gives out shrill shrieks that could scare off any foe.
s Excercise.JPG
Pikachu's Excercise By Mew lover195 viewsMy running pikachu!
s hat.jpg
Ash's Hat272 views
My Scizor94 views-Dark Hate
Sabrinas BIG67 viewsGoodness gracious BIG BLOBS OF FAT!!! <0_0>
Sailor Moon gals for Cmaster53 viewswho ever killed the squrrel is yet a mystery....
Here's Sakura, Ino, and Samantha as a gift71 viewsF29: I got the two ya need, but I thought I bring you Samantha, she might be of good use to ya.
Salamandra, my chrizard,(chris mans charizard!127 viewslook up in the sky, therews pie in the sky
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