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Mew Morf114 viewsa mew morf
Pichu Morf125 viewshere is a pichu Morf! this one is done on the computer, base it off my one drawing i did by hand on paper.
Pikachu Morf Me97 viewsand here is a pikchu morf me that i did
Pikachu Morf Joey102 viewsand this is my Fiance as a pikachu! I love the design i did on him.
American girl for senior Tied_Gagged119 views¡Muerte a América!
Steven Stone neko-chan By Jani-chan.jpg
Steven Stone Neko-chan284 viewslo hice especialmente para mi jajaja es un SD de Steven Stone que es un entrenador ( y en el juego es el campeon de la liga pokemon ) lo hice con muchoo cario^^
Steven Stone neko-chan By Jani-chan~0.jpg
Steven Stone neko253 views...........hola..........este dibujo lo hice especialmente para mi ^___^
Steven,Dont you dare hit on her104 viewsThat wrist band means shes abstinence
sugar bits235 views
Suikun anthro.JPG
Suicune Anthro110 viewsThe clothes on this one wasnt very good, but this is my first attempt to draw and anthro.
Sarahpom Sunburn41 viewsThis is my pokesona, Sarahpom. She got sun burn when she was swimming in the pool to much with her pokemon friends, she does wear clothing, which I'll upload more images of her in clothing, which well be her Winter/Fall clothing, I'll be making some Spring/Summer clothing for her soon.
sunset301 views
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