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Adventures of the lake fairys Episode50105 viewsBrolys counterparts Tyrant "the vore master" and Eva "the p*rn lady" plan their new part of the invasion, while Merinthos is waiting for his limited servents to bring back the damsles tied up, the Bootlegger comes by to challenge him
Adventures of the lake fairys Episode51100 viewsThe bootlegger is happy that he altered the prophecy of Merinthos. Meanwhile Tyrant has vore rampaging Buenos Aires. The lightning god Boltia is looking for Delia Ketchum, then the Bootlegger who is also his friend tells him that Broly has her.
Adventures of the lake fairys Episode52270 viewsBroly and Merinthos were shocked that 20 gals werent tied up. ShadowX991 tells them about a black larvitar stopped him. Tyrant is grumpy when he knows he'll wont vore the hottest. Meanwhile The Bootlegger tells Boltia they will win this war. Flannery is complete with her drawing she has for the Bootlegger.
Adventures of the lake fairys Episode5385 viewsTyrant was doing his work feeding girls to his monster. Boltia and the Bootlegger came to the rescue, but the Bootlegger stood outside. Tyrant was such a sissy running out the door so the Bootlegger followed him.
Adventures of the lake fairys Episode5480 viewsAs Tyrant tried to escape he ran into a cliff. Boltia on the other hand had finally killed to vicious man eater. Then he cut a hole in its belly and pulled out the prey. While tyrant was suspicious about the Bootlegger, he yelled out and kicked Tyrant over the edge to his death.
Adventures of the lake fairys Episode55111 viewsThe news lady was saved along with the others, and Tyrant was dead. Broly was upset for the lost of his best friend who had no life like him. Eva then told the team Rocket, Magma, Aqua, and Galactic leaders that if they join Broly then their girls wont be harmed. Meanwhile Emporer Quintana asked Flannery if she saw CharizardMaster lately
Adventures of the lake fairys Episode5692 viewsEva thought she could cheer up Broly with a little smooching, Ho-oh46 was shocked seeing this and the other DiD servents like Shadow and the WretchedBrownRecluse. Meanwhile CharizardMaster saw the guard left his cellphone so he can call for help. Flannery, Emporer Quintana, and the Bootlegger search his house for him.
Adventures of the lake fairys Episode57134 viewsCharizardMaster knew that he cant talk because of the fireproof gag so he sent a message to his own messager. Meanwhile as the 3 were searching, his phone rang. Then they got the message and know where he is now. Emperor Quintana now is gonna save him and Flannery joined him giving him a blushy look. The Bootlegger left regretting he saw that.
Adventures of the lake fairys Episode5872 viewsIn Siberia the female team grunts were untied and the leaders lended their servents to Eva, the guard took his cellphone from CharizardMaster after giving the message. When he locked the door, he was stabbed by Emperor Quintana. CharizardMaster realized he was aved at last.
Adventures of the lake fairys Episode5996 viewsFlannery untied CharizardMaster and he gaved her a big hug for a thanks. As they ran out of the chamber, Ho-oh46 was shocked seeing he escaped, Eva heard what happened. When the three got to the outside, Eva and the traitor were preventing them from escaping.
Adventures of the lake fairys Episode0695 views
Adventures of the lake fairys Episode60139 viewsCharizardMaster realized that Ho-oh46 was a traitor, he idiotically told him to shut up. Flannery remembered what Eva did to her. Eva wanted something to light her cigarette and Flannery pinched the nerves in CharizrdMasters neck to make a BlastBurn. Eva was BBQed and Emperor Quintana saw Flannery full ambition.
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