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Adventures of the lake fairys Episode6188 viewsHo-oh46 ordered the grunts to attack and Quintana fought something outrages yet awesome, he told Flannery CharizardMaster to leave and find the Bootleggers island in the Pacific Ocean. They left and Quintana was going to remember his wild night.
Adventures of the lake fairys Episode6289 viewsFlannery and CharizardMaster were confused why Quintana would stay behind. Well they made it to the Bootleggers island, there was the bootleggers girlfirend Murugu who dye her feathers red. CharizardMaster was still cold and the Bootlegger told them to make them selves home.
Adventures of the lake fairys Episode6352 viewsThe Bootlegger gave them 2 blankets and an offering of cocoa. Flannery walked to the kitchen where he was. CharizardeMaster met a old friend of the Bootlegger, Phantom Kansaibou, and he always forgets to use the door instead of the ceiling. In the kitchen Flanney gave the Bootlagger the drawing she made for him <(^.^)>
Adventures of the lake fairys Episode6467 viewsBack in Siberia Emperor Quintana has finished killing the team grunts. Yet it was 6:00 AM and CharizardMaster left the island. The Bootlegger saw that he left a note saying he was goint to see Liza and thinking Broly dosent have her. But he was wrong.
Adventures of the lake fairys Episode6576 viewsCharizardMaster made it to the Charifical Valley and the other Charizards didnt see Liza at all, he went inside her house and saw Charla tied up. CharizardMaster did an honoring of rescuing her and figured that Liza was gone. The Bootlegger and Flannery felt sorry for him and he knew that if he protect all of the girls in Merinthos's prophecy, it could be completely altered.
Adventures of the lake fairys Episode6656 viewsThe Bootlegger had it with the past and is going towards the future, he climbed the stone formation in the Valley and gaved his word to Broly if he can hear miles away. Emperor Quintana met up with Flannery and CharizardMaster. The Bootlegger idioticly jumped off the rock and they were freaked out.
Adventures of the lake fairys Episode6760 viewsThe Bootlegger lived by falling to the fountain. But Flannery fainted in scared not distress. CharizardMaster did an horoning by carrying her in his arm. The Bootlegger told them to march a suprise attack at sunset, but where. Broly is using his town "Hob" as a fortress. But Ho-oh46 heard everything.
Adventures of the lake fairys Episode6876 viewsArceus knew this will be the day when DiD falls so he sents a messenger Pelipper to tell every legendary(except Giratina because hes banished) to prepare for war, even the 5 elementals Boltia, Acroqua, Vonlix, Ravmosphere, and Herbipede. Meanwhile ther Bootlegger meets a wizard who tells him about the power of Leviah and its key to be unlock.
Adventures of the lake fairys Episode68.93 viewsEmperor Quintanas army are moving towards Hob while the Bootleggers army does. Arceus told the champions of the 4 nations prepare their leagues while CharizardMaster recruits the great PPN users before him.
Adventures of the lake fairys Episode6997 viewsHo-oh46 told Broly that the Pkmn army is coming but he doesnt know the kaiju are coming. Meanwhile the Pokemon were coming to fight for freedom.
Adventures of the lake fairys Episode07107 views
Adventures of the lake fairys Episode7083 viewsSunset has arrived, Broly has prepare for surprise attack. Meanwhile FLint asks Wattson and Normal if they saw his sister. Meanwhile Flannery and the Bootlegger give one last hug before fighting the DiD idiots
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