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Lord of the Prophecies 133 viewsFellowship of the Prophecy part 7: The Quartet checked in at the Holiday Inn, The manager said that he didn't Shin-Goji for a long time. While eating, Acroqua saw a hooded young man watching them, Boltia asked a waiter who he was, the young man goes by the name of Strider. Volnix was telling the bar who Boltia is, but Boltia's name could lead them into trouble outside the Shire. As the bolt tried to stop the phoenix, he slipped on liquid and the prophecy broke off his neck. He caught it as if it was a Stress ball, and it made him invisible. Everyone was shocked by his disappearance, even the Strider. In the orbs eye, Boltia saw the 3 gym leaders and the eye of Broly.
Serebiis ItemDex311 viewsSerebii now has a complete list of all the items in the RPG games to date. Check it out.
Jack Sparrow as a Flannery fan67 viewseven a pirate can love Flannery
Jesse Con Carne by Gravy484 viewsI'm sorry for all the brains that are exploding right now.

Drawn by Cotton-Gravy
jirachi292 viewsjirachi is the best ill do anything just 2 get him
185 views-wdg
Ken Sugimori: Well-Known Pokemon Illustrator142 viewsOf all my favorite and awe-inspiring illustrators, Ken Sugimori is one of them!
fire and green2130 viewsa wonder ranch picture i found, i hope you guys like it, so bye... ---Lee
Kira Elena Ketchum63 viewsKira is Delia Ketchum’s first child, at the hospital, Dr. Baragon Van Horn mistaken that she was another family's daughter. Kira doesn’t remember anything, but her adopted parents, Scott and Julie Johnson. Kira lived with Scott and Julie until she was 10, and then she set out on her Pokémon Journey, starting from Viridian City with her first Pokémon, a Pikachu nicknamed Pinka.
In Kanto at the age of 12, Kira was tied up and gagged by Shin-Goji (he was Broly's apprentice during the time). The small mutated godzillasaurus then dragged her
to NeoMonsterIsland along with the rest of his captives. But the Shin released her after quitting the dark lords work, and they become friends.

Kira is secretly the World’s Greatest Pokémon Master, and she became the World’s Greatest Pokémon Master when she was 16. She has at least one of all 493 Pokémon. Kira knows pretty much everything there is to know about the world of Pokémon, or at least, the Pokémon themselves. The only ones who know that Kira is the World’s Greatest Pokémon Master are Ash, Misty, Brock, Tracey, Kevin, Kevin’s parents (Jason and Mary Jones), Tashi, Kisha, Sabrina, Kira’s adopted parents (Scott and Julie Johnson), Shin-Goji, and of course, all of their Pokémon.

Kira’s final Pokémon was the rare and mysterious Celebi, Pokémon number 251. Since rare and powerful Pokémon are very hard to catch, Kira, with the help of her psychic powers (so as to talk with them), made friends with Mewtwo and Mew at age 15, and Mewtwo and Mew helped her make friends with other rare Pokémon, like the Legendary Bird Trio (Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres), the Dynamic Bird Duo (Lugia and Ho-oh), the Legendary Fast-Cat Trio (Rikou, Entei, and Suicune), many other legendary Pokémon, and finally Celebi. These rare Pokémon agreed to officially belong to Kira by having a Master Ball that can recall them, but Kira lets them go where they please. Kira caught all of her other Pokémon on her own.

Mewtwo and Mew helped Kira establish her home and Pokémon reservation on New Island, which now holds over 1,000 Pokémon, most of which belong to either Kira or Kevin. All Pokémon are all allowed to roam free and “wild” on the island. Most are not technically wild Pokémon because a trainer has caught them in a PokéBall. Pokémon that can fly, Pokémon that can swim, and Pokémon that can use Teleport are allowed to leave the island and the water sanctuary whenever they want. Pokémon that cannot do these things ARE allowed to leave the island, but they usually go with a Pokémon that can fly, swim, or teleport.

Kira lived on New Island for one year, starting when she turned 17 and ending when she turned 18, and then came the Epic Darkness of Summer 07. Kira saw Arceus finding the regi trio, so she followed him. Then seeing the darkness pokemon ,Rayzadon, Kira sneekly caught the dragon right before the regis and Arceus destroyed him. Rayzadon couldn't thank Kira more, so he turned nice. After hearing that her old friend ,Shin-Goji was mardhing to war against Broly and DiD, she deciede to join the fight. During the fighting she was captured by Tied_Gagged, then the small godzilla guy rescued her. She went to the warehouse seeing that ShadowX991, D-Mizton, and Merinthos were killed, she saw Ash tied up and hanging from a crane. With the help of a King Ghidorah, she untied Ash, And the sibs were reunited again!
But they forgived Dr. Baragon Van Horn for the mistake he made 18 years ago.
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