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What did Miss Dynamite Do?!114 viewsEva you little bitch, why the hell did you made this
Lord of the Prophecies 144 viewsFellowship of the Prophecy part 6: With Shin-Goji trapped in Tyrants tower in Isengard, Boltia and Acroqua travel through a corn field. Where they met Volnix and Ravnosphere snooping in Farmer Maggots crops, as the angry farmer approaches, Ravnosphere grabs Peter Rabbit and throws it at him. As they escaped they fell down a steep hill onto a road. Boltia knew that the black riders would come if hes on the road so he told the 3 to hide in a cave. Above them was a nazgul monitoring the landscape, then left. Then the 4 grabed a raft and sailed to Bree's Holiday Inn.
59 views-wdg
Mewth?936 viewsdey find a meowth!
Mewtwo by Pokekiller.JPG
A little Mewtwo pic629 viewsOK, This is my second picture i upload on this site. I done it from a website and began to Draw it. As you will se there are many line... I heavent got time to Color it or do a better pic...
Mewtwo, Mewtwo1041 viewsmy fave pokemon. Old pic. Old style of Lynx. But still mine.
Misty and Ash451 viewsAsh aparently smokes...what kind of sick game is this...it's a kid's show!...they got the wrong actors or somethin 'cause this is messed up...
Mimi and her shadow charizards v.s. Racalack.JPG
Mimi and her shadow charizards v.s. Racalack592 viewsno...more....typing...please....have..m-m-m-mercy!!!
MissingNo.811 viewsFake Card
MissingNo. Card579 viewsA fake card. Sorry if I uploaded it 2wice
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