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Marshtomp Recoloration718 viewsA blue and green Marshtomp
140 views-wdg
treecko and shadow222 views
brock saying something469 viewshehehehhe
shocked313 views
Shin-Goji (TCG)51 views- Stewie
Shin in Time part162 viewsShin: With Dialgas power of time, I can now go back when the kidnapping occurred to stop it.
Shin in Time part288 viewsShin went back exactly when the fire heads of team magma were going to catch Flannery. So he kicked Tabitha in the nutz, tied up Courtney, and set Matt on fire.
Shin in Time part3102 viewsShin forgot that Whitney and Misty were in the same situation. Him and Hojo came by and rescued them.
Shins Side of PPNs Final Conflict episode1107 views Seven years ago I was Brolys best friend and servant. Any person he told me to tie up, I do it. My favorite day of my servitude was when me and ShadowX991 and D-Mizton plot our break in to kidnap Kristen and Kimi. I had a little charge when ever we break in. The worst part was when their parents got home and we fwooshed out of the house. Broly was so proud he made me his apprentice and every DiD servant was at our command.
Shins Side of PPNs Final Conflict episode1089 views Whittney, Misty, Erika, Candice, Lorelei and alot of damsles were going to be tied up. I thought they were just lies but Arceus told me they weren't.
Shins Side of PPNs Final Conflict episode1175 views Arceus told me that Broly thought up all of these prophecies, he read his dreams and predicted them. It was my destiny to stop them from coming true next year after the Epic Darkness of Summer,2007. With arceus's disapperating he transported the orbs to my house to keep them safe.
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